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Re: [ASCOM] Re: Upgrading to Platform 6 sp1

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  • Rick Burke
    Mark, Regarding Chris s comments. POTH and the Dome Control application do the same things, so you should only need to run one of them. Running both of them
    Message 1 of 49 , Jan 8, 2013

      Regarding Chris's comments.  POTH and the Dome Control application do the same things, so you should only need to run one of them.  Running both of them over complicates your configuration and can possibly cause issues.

      So, pick a hub, say POTH.  Connect POTH to your scope.  Don't try to connect the dome yet.  Can POTH connect with and slew your scope?  Does it behave normally or abnormally?  If this doesn't work, adding in the Dome won't work either.  If it does work, then this is a good thing.  So, I would connect to the Dome, as well, from POTH and try some slews.

      I have never used Cartes Du Ciel.  I use Sky Tools 3, but it should be pretty simple to use it to slew the scope.  This could be another test.  You should just choose POTH as the telescope in Cartes Du Ciel, connect, and give it a target.

      Rick Burke
      On 1/8/2013 3:43 PM, mark wrote:

      Hi group, latest update – sorry for the wordiness.
      I used the DevManView utility that Howard recommended. It confirmed that the Serial/USB device was the correct com port (COM5). And I saw no duplication of this port.

      I stand corrected on service patches. Mine is indeed sp3.

      The "Simulator" works. I can drive the dome around by executing the scope controls in Simulator. So the computer and software are communicating with the dome. However, this was not the issue.

      The only "planetarium" software on my OBS computer is Cartes du Ciel. It's used solely for information and not to drive the scope. Looks like it may take a bit to setup. So this was a non-starter.

      Chris and Pierre have challenged my Lesvedome setup menu selections. I apologize in advance for not following their suggestions. It's unclear to me what is being recommended. I have changed the scope setup from POTH/Meade to Meade, and the dome setup from POTH/Lesvedome to Lesvedome. And this has not solved the problem.

      Lastly, I've included screen shots of the dome control at startup.
      This first image is when I hit the connect button on the Ascom Dome Control Panel (right window). The Windows Task Manager was there for other reasons, but interestingly, it shows everything running, including the Meade driver.

      After 60-120seconds, the Task Manager shows the Meade driver "not responding". And after another 20 seconds the Meade driver flips back to "running". And then the system connects, but not in a functional way. This screen shot shows the connection. However, the Position Update counter (a 10 second counter) at the bottom of the Dome Control Panel moves at about 1/20 its normal rate (i.e. each second count takes about 20 real seconds). And all is hung-up in between. Funky as it is, the dome does move to keep up with the scope.

      This last image is when I bypassed POTH and went directly to Meade (see the Scope line in the Dome Control Panel). In this setup, the Position Update counter takes about 10 seconds per second rather than the 20 seconds when using POTH.

      So after about 2 minutes (or there about) there is a connection, but something keeps interrupting the operation to the point where it is non functional.

      Appreciate any suggestions.


      --- In ASCOM-Talk@yahoogroups.com, "mark" wrote:
      > Hi Gents,
      > I've been running Platform 5a along with Lesvedome and my classic Meade since mid 2009. All works well.
      > Just now I've added an Atik filter wheel that requires Platform 5.5 to communicate with my Images Plus capture software. And I see that the only platform to download is 6 sp1.
      > 1. Is Platform 6 sp1 the one?
      > 2. Do I simply install 6 sp1, and it updates my existing 5a?
      > 3. Do I need to update the Meade driver?
      > Feel like I have a house of cards and want to be careful about my approach.
      > Thanks for your help.
      > Mark

    • Tim Long
      Thank you Mark, much appreciated. Best regards, Tim Long ... From: ASCOM-Talk@yahoogroups.com [mailto:ASCOM-Talk@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of mark Sent: 25
      Message 49 of 49 , Jan 25, 2013
        Thank you Mark, much appreciated.

        Best regards,
        Tim Long

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        --- In ASCOM-Talk@yahoogroups.com, "Tim Long" wrote:
        > Hey, glad you got it resolved.
        > Can I ask a favour? If you go to the group web pages, there is a
        > 'Database' area. In there is a list of USB adapters that are known to
        > work/not work in various situations. Could you add or edit the entry
        > for your device (both the good and the bad, as appropriate) so others
        > can benefit from your experience? Much obliged.
        > Best regards,
        > Tim Long
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        > From: ASCOM-Talk@yahoogroups.com [mailto:ASCOM-Talk@yahoogroups.com]
        > On Behalf Of mark
        > Sent: 24 January 2013 23:46
        > To: ASCOM-Talk@yahoogroups.com
        > Subject: [ASCOM] Re: Upgrading to Platform 6 sp1
        > Hi Group, one last time.
        > I installed the Keyspan USA-19HS USB/Serial adapter, and now ASCOM
        > 6sp1 works.
        > I genuinely appreciate everyone's comments and assistance.
        > Thanks all,
        > Mark


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