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Python code that successfully command POTH, SiTechDll and SkyChart

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  • Mike
    #!/Python26/python.exe -u import win32com.client #needed to load COM objects myScope = win32com.client.Dispatch( POTH.Telescope )# returns 0 time util =
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2012
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      #!/Python26/python.exe -u

      import win32com.client #needed to load COM objects
      myScope = win32com.client.Dispatch("POTH.Telescope")# returns 0 time
      util = win32com.client.Dispatch("DriverHelper.Util") #need wait func

      # command test followed
      # by responce of the call

      print "CanMoveAxis ",myScope.CanMoveAxis
      #<bound method CDispatch.CanMoveAxis of <COMObject POTH.Telescope>>

      print "CanSetTracking ",myScope.CanSetTracking

      print "CanSlew ",myScope.CanSlew

      print "CanSetRightAscensionRate ",myScope.CanSetRightAscensionRate

      print "CanSlewAltAz ",myScope.CanSlewAltAz

      print RA
      print DEC
      print "SlewToCoordinates ",myScope.SlewToCoordinates(RA,DEC)

      # was able to see the RA and DEC change in V0.90A on the <GoTo/Sync> tab, the telescope cursor moved in SkyChart. In this way I see a path to writing code that will run the SiTech controller from a web page.

      I will make a folder <mikerushford EOTS> and post some doc that shows the steps.

      Thanks for your help in making this possible.

      Mike Rushford
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