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Re: 160 Contest

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  • ve3mia
    Out of curiosity, I checked the statistics on my HF contests participation: Contest / Contest s date / QSOs / Confirmed QSOs till this morning / Percentage
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 3, 2010
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      Out of curiosity, I checked the statistics on my HF contests participation:

      Contest / Contest's date / QSOs / Confirmed QSOs till this morning / Percentage QSOs confirmed

      ARRL RTTY RoundUp 2010         Jan, 2-3          180     131      72.8 %

      PSK Fest 2010                              Jan, 9               136     89       65.4 %

      BARTG Sprint 2010                       Jan, 23-24       139     74       53.2 %

      CQ WW 160m CW 2010                 Jan, 30-31      128     57       44.5 %

      CQ WPX RTTY 2010                      Feb, 13-14      209     88      42.1 %

      ARRL DX CW 2010                          Feb, 20-21      259     60      23.3 %

      Keep in mind that the latest contests are still in a 'processing' stage. For example, last week 20 out of 60 QSO confirmations were added (that's one third) for ARRL DX CW 2010.

      My assumptions are:

      1. Contests will end up with 60-75 % QSOs confirmed

      2. Digital modes will probably prevail. Perhaps the operator that will accept to use some sort of android communication (i.e. digital modes) will easily accept to use an efficient way to confirm own QSOs (i.e. LoTW).

      3. Modern DXpeditions or DX spots are starting to use LoTW regularly and hopefully more of those contest teams, as they usually have a huge amount of QSOs in a short period of time and they usually are the active type of individuals.

      The 'Excellence in DXpedition Logistics Award' (a fictional award issued by me in this very moment, ha ha ha) goes to TX4T. That was a real modern DXpedition, by all accounts and I hope that it planted the seeds for others to follow. Besides being in touch with the ham community 'on time', they confirmed all 34814 QSOs through the LoTW, part of them even before the expedition ended. (I hope they left some equipment leftovers to Phil FO8RZ, as I see him more active than before).

      Cheers, Gabriel, ve3mia

      PS: 'VE3MIA has worked TX4T on 3 out of 23 band slots' according to http://www.fo2010.org . That means I'm one of the slackers in my own city and I didn't make top 100 in Canada, either, ha ha ha. I still got the LoTW confirmations after 2-3 weeks.

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