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  • Gerry Hohn
    Hi Rick, Yes, I ve noted the comments on their site. It appears you re seeing the same last upload date (March 1st) as I am. I ll just wait patiently knowing
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 11, 2008
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      Hi Rick,
      Yes, I've noted the comments on their site.
      It appears you're seeing the same last upload date (March 1st) as I am. I'll just wait patiently knowing nothing is broken here.
      By the way, my call is on their donor list as of Feb 26th.
      Thanks for the help.
      Gerry VE6LB
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 10:20 AM
      Subject: Re: [ARRL-LOTW] VP6DX & LoTW

      At 10:53 PM 3/10/2008, GERRY wrote:
      >Thanks for the note and apology humbly accepted. I understand the
      >frustration regarding LoTW bashing. Let me assure you I'm a strong
      >advocate of LoTW and was strictly wondering if there was a glitch that
      >was causing me to see some thing different than others.
      >By the way, what do you see for a last upload date for VP6DX?

      Here's a quote from the VP6DX web site:
      "Updates to the donor/sponsor list on the website, and LOTW uploads,
      are done at least once per week."

      Notice the "and" - updates to the sponsor list and uploads for the
      sponsors happen together.
      So, we can look at the list of donors. Notice that the most recent
      donor was on March 1st.
      We look at the LotW upload date, which is ALSO March 1st.
      It's rather unlikely that nobody has donated in the last 10 days. It's
      much more likely that they haven't updated the list of donors *or* the
      LotW uploads since March 1st. It looks like they uploaded to LotW then
      updated the sponsor list, rather than the other order. Unfortunate for
      us that show up on the list but didn't get confirmations.

      I've asked the operators to clarify the "March 7th" phrase, but they're
      probably pretty swamped with e-mail and haven't answered. I'll post the
      response here if it comes in.

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