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Re: [ARRL-LOTW] TQSL 1.14.3

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  • Henk PA5KT
    Installed over 1.14.1. Location is C; program files(x86) TrustedQSL. Just uploaded 1345 qso of last weekend. Sync ok. Sync over 300 qsls. OK. No problems. 73
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 16 4:52 AM
      Installed over 1.14.1. Location is C;\program files(x86)\TrustedQSL.

      Just uploaded 1345 qso of last weekend.
      Sync ok.
      Sync over 300 qsls. OK.

      No problems.

      73 Henk PA5KT

      Op 14-7-2013 3:04, Dave AA6YQ schreef:
      > The current public release of TQSL is 1.14.1.
      > After 1.14.1 was released, two additional defects were identified:
      > - TQSL can't access certificates or station locations or its duplicate database if they are stored in a folder whose pathname
      > contains Unicode characters
      > - when invoked via command line when a new version of TQSL is generally available, TQSL informs the user that the new version is
      > available, but does not sign and upload QSOs as directed
      > Both of these defects were corrected in TQSL 1.14.2. The ARRL Help Desk has been suggesting to users who encounter the "pathname
      > contains Unicode characters" defect that they upgrade to 1.14.2.
      > Before we completed the testing necessary to make 1.14.2 generally available, the Help Desk began reporting new problems involving
      > the uploading of digitally signed logs to LotW over the internet from PCs running Windows. Some of these problems were the result of
      > Windows being severely out-of-date because Windows Update had been disabled. One of these problems was the result of a defect in a
      > component employed by TQSL. This defect has been corrected in TQSL 1.14.3, which has been available to a small group of testers
      > since July 1; the group has reported no new defects.
      > If you would like to help test TQSL 1.14.3, it's available via
      > <http://www.arrl.org/trustedqsl-beta-release>
      > If you encounter any problematic behavior, please describe it in a post here.
      > Thanks!
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