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Re: [ARRL-LOTW] Duplicates

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  • Gary AL9A
    This is completely unacceptable conduct for an amateur radio discussion group. It appears your information regarding Joe and his microHam affiliation is no
    Message 1 of 147 , Feb 20, 2013
      This is completely unacceptable conduct for an amateur radio discussion group.  It appears your information regarding Joe and his microHam affiliation is no more accurate than your LOTW understanding.  While I'm not exactly sure of Joe's title, he is not the "owner" of microHam.  Rather he is the head of microHAM America, LLC, their North and South America distribution and support operations.  If you bother to look at the microHAM website About Us page at http://microham-usa.com/store/cmspage.php?page_id=5 you will find the following:
      microHAM America, LLC is an independent, master distributor of microHAM products in North and South America. We provide local support, stocking and warranty services to microHAM customers in all of North and South America. 
      And what exactly does Joe's affiliation with microHAM have to do with anything anyway?  Are you saying that since he has a commercial interest in a line of excellent amateur radio products that no one should pay attention to anything he says or purchase any products from his company?  Whatever happened to the First Amendment?  It doesn't say the only ones allowed to have an opinion must not have a commercial interest in any company, nor the only ones allowed to express an opinion must agree with your position on all matters. 
      FYI, I own an excellent microHAM product, the microKEYER II, with which I have been completely satisfied for the three years I have owned the product.  During that time I have had many opportunities to discuss various problems with Joe about my installation and have found him to be a tremendous resource of valuable information who has proven himself over the years to be accurate in his diagnosis of the problem and willing to resolve any and all situations to the customers satisfaction.  Joe can on occasion, like me, become "testy" over certain situations.  I think paramount among Joe's hot button issues are users who refuse to read the documentation manuals and expect immediate service to suddenly fill the gaps of their own making.  Not only do I have no intention of avoiding microHAM products, I am seriously considering upgrading my station to SO2R status in the near future and I'm sure microHAM products will figure prominently in that upgrade.  I am also sure Joe will be able to assist greatly in any difficulties I should happen to run into. 
      Of course, none of this is of importance vis-a-vis LOTW.  Joe has strong opinions about what ails the system and he is entitled to those opinions.  If others disagree that's allowable too.  What is not even remotely allowable is an attempt to smear an individual, his company and the products he handles in an attempt to silence another's persons opinion merely because he disagrees with someone else.  This political correctness crap that has infested this country like a cancer for the last 30 years has got to stop, hopefully sooner than later.
      Sorry for the bandwidth.
      Gary AL9A
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      For anyone that isn't aware, W4TV who calls other names when he doesn't agree with them, is the owner of MicroHam. In case you want to avoid dealing with an individual that might treat you this same way if you have an issue with a purchase, you might want to avoid dealing with those products. 

    • David Cole
      I run ACLog... When you hit the ALL SINCE button, change the date to be something about a week prior to the LoTW failure... I believe , ACLog got very
      Message 147 of 147 , Aug 24, 2014
        I run ACLog... When you hit the "ALL SINCE" button, change the date to
        be something about a week prior to the LoTW failure...

        I "believe", ACLog got very confused as a result of the fail mode of
        LoTW. That corrected a very similar problem for me.
        Thanks and 73's,
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        for MixW support see;
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        On Sun, 2014-08-24 at 09:05 -0700, reillyjf@... [ARRL-LOTW]
        > Thanks for the suggestion. I did a complete download, and beat the
        > number of duplicates down from 275 to 30. No exactly sure why the
        > N3FJP ACL is missing this information.
        > - 73, John, N0TA
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