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RE: [ARRL-LOTW] Processing Uploads

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  • N2TK, Tony
    My upload just took 4 days to be processed. 73, N2TK, Tony From: alanswinger [mailto:awswinger@earthlink.net] Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 5:34 PM To:
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      My upload just took 4 days to be processed.


      N2TK, Tony


      From: alanswinger [mailto:awswinger@...]
      Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 5:34 PM
      To: ARRL-LOTW@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ARRL-LOTW] Processing Uploads



      Based on my e-mail exchg with LoTW Techs today, the "New Nornal" for processing Uploads is ~ 2 weeks! . . . despite what the non-info on the Homepage says. Below FYI is what I sent to the CEO and President of ARRL about this problem. You may or may not agree, but if agree, suggest that you do the same . . . they are supposed to work for us and that means Management and Leadership where I come from!
      73, Alan K9MBQ

      P.S. I have no confidence in either of
      them since no response has been received! . . . and thus no confidence that LoTW will ever be fixed and functional.

      Kay (Craigie) - Forwarded fyi and hopefully - action. The LoTW problem is not only
      annoying, but suggest that the ARRL should be embarrassed in the international
      community by the apparent length of the problem and inability of the HQ staff to
      remedy. E-mails on the LoTW reflector are brutal.
      Hope you can exercise some management support to get it fixed.
      Best regards,
      Alan Swinger K9MBQ

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      >From: Alan Swinger <awswinger@...>
      >Sent: Nov 24, 2012 6:28 PM
      >To: dsumner@...
      >Cc: AARC Members <aarc@...>, n2zz@..., LOTW Help
      <lotw-help@...>, LoTW Desk <sjackson2@...>
      >Subject: LOTW Non-Response by ARRL!
      >Dave - Don't know what you know about the current & ongoing Probs w/ LoTW, but
      it is essentially inoperative on any useful basis, and has created a
      No-Confidence atmosphere by users. You and the other leadreship need to get on
      this problem since it is world-wide and the League is the target for all who are
      dissatisfied! Stand-by for a glut of members departing as a result . . . unless
      you guys pay attention.
      >I suggest that you put out a memo on the Web site about how and what your plan
      is to fix LoTW if you want to keep members mollified!
      >In Short - you have a Serious Problem that ARRL is not addressing adequately
      for thousands of Hams who use LoTW! If I was in charge, heads would roll and
      people fired. If you are not doing that, you and the various Directors clearly
      do not understand management and leadership . . . >
      >Alan Swinger - K9MBQ
      >Captain, US Navy (Ret)


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