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Excel Spreadsheet to Create ADIF Log Files

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  • Clark L. Stewart
    I have mentioned this spreadsheet on the reflector before but for those who may be new to the LoTW reflector, I ll post this again.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2004
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      I have mentioned this spreadsheet on the reflector before but for
      those who may be new to the LoTW reflector, I'll post this again.


      I have recently completed an Excel spreadsheet to quickly convert
      paper logs into ADIF format for easy uploading to LoTW or for importing
      into regular logging programs. There are similar programs around but my
      focus was to make this as fast as possible.

      After the first QSO is entered, the spreadsheet will automatically
      enter the same Date, Band and Mode for the next QSO so you don't have to
      type that for each QSO. It will auto-complete the Time field so you can
      just type a "1" and it will log the time as "0001".

      Since only the Band is important for LoTW, you need only type in the
      whole number of the frequency (e.g. "28" instead of "28.562"). And, you
      can just type in a "c" or "s" for CW or SSB or a "1" or "3" for A1a or A3a
      Modes. Or, you can type in any Mode that is accepted by LoTW.

      Using this program I can enter paper logs six to eight times faster
      than by using a regular logging program. Especially when you make several
      contacts on the same Date, Band and Mode the entries go very fast.

      Once you have entered the data, (maximum of 100 QSO's per run) the
      program will create an ADIF file that you can immediately upload to LoTW or
      import into a logging program. Or, you can combine it with other ADIF files
      in a word processor and upload the combined file all at once.

      I have posted a description of this program on my web site along with
      a ZIP file containing the spreadsheet program and a Microsoft Word document
      with the full instructions. Basic instructions are in the spreadsheet as well.

      Here is the link:


      This spreadsheet was created with Microsoft Excel 97 so you will need
      a version of Excel that is no older than that. Also, you will need a
      program that can read .DOC files from Microsoft Word to read the full

      If you find this program useful I would appreciate hearing about
      it. Otherwise, there is no charge, it is Freeware.

      CUL, 73, Clark, W8TN
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