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  • n3jnx
    Dec 1, 2009
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      Hello Folks. Question about what to do if anything about my problem in LOTW. My computer crashed last month. I replaced the hard drive, reloaded everything including TQSL and TQSL Cert. I applied for and received my new certificate. Everything went together fine and works EXCEPT when I filled out the info in TQSL, I unknowingly filled in my grid square as FN-11x. I forgot to make it the 6 digit grid square. I see now in LOTW, since this happened, my QSL confirmations show for my grid [INVALID] FN-11X . Now I have 11 folks with my confirmations with a bad grid square for me. I've since corrected the grid square in TQSL and up-loaded the bad QSL's again. I still do not see the correct info in these 11 confirmations. What can or should be done now so these 11 confirmations have my correct grid info? Thank you.
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