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5699Just a little info from the LoTW folks themselves

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  • Dwayne Lipscomb
    Oct 10, 2008
      As many of you know there has been little news other than the recent request by the LoTW folks not to upload any new logs to LoTW.
      As I stated in previous threads that I have been trying since April to get the issue with some contacts not receiving the proper credit in the WAS portion of LoTW.  I earlier emailed the folks at LoTW and finally got a response.
      here is an excerpt of that email.
      Hi Dwayne,
      Thank you for your excellent email.  Your concerns have been forwarded to my Supervisor.
      From the LoTW-Help desk, we have sent the information on, but the problem (where QSL show up in 20m RTTY and don't show up for Basic) has not been resolved yet.
      We very much appreciate your comments and observations.  As I write, they are trying to come up with ways to revamp how LoTW is presented and correct problems. 
      I am afraid that I do not know the timetable for any implementation of presentation and corrections. 
      We apologize that the corrections have not occurred by now and hope that they will resolved soon.
      Thank you.
      This is progress, and like I stated to this individual and I hope that they fowarded the suggestion that the folks there at ARRL should post more info on what is going on with LoTW other then what big gun finally got 300+ DXCC comfirmed.  I and some on this group would like to know what is going on other than the dribble being feed us.
      I for one would like to know that my time isn't wasted on LoTW like it was on eQSL and my membership with the ARRL is being used for some good purpose.  Just more news either on the websites (LoTW and ARRL homepages) or even in QST would be much appericated.
      Well that is all I have for now.
      Waiting to upload more contacts and see some kind of progress with the problems in the LoTW WAS program to be fixed.

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