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5555Re: LOTW's biggest paroblem

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  • yoteman2
    Oct 1, 2008
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      Thanks for the heads up, I didn't realize my call wasn't there it
      was just my user name.

      Chuck - AD7OY
      aka yoteman2

      --- In ARRL-LOTW@yahoogroups.com, "yoteman2" <yoteman2@...> wrote:
      > Many of you are correct that if I use the "right" software or have
      > programming skills I could use the sytem more easily. However,
      > right software for me just doesnt cut it on the system right now.
      > As I said, I will continue to upload a couple of times a year so
      > of you who want the convenience of not having to participate in
      > the "final courtesy" can have the credit of a contact with me.
      > I can only sit here and laugh at the concept of the incredible
      > expense of QSL cards however. My software automatically formats
      > data when I hit the button to log the contact, enters it on the
      > and prints it on a quality color printer for pennies per card. If
      > the great expense of an envelope is a problem the card can be sent
      > for less than a quarter as a post card.
      > For those of you who will now say that retired people on fixed
      > incomes cannot afford it please understand that I am retired on a
      > medical disability, and I think it is a safe bet that you have a
      > couple thousand dollars minimum tied up in your shack so that dog
      > wont hunt with me.
      > If you contact me you will be getting a card in the mail and I
      > appreciate your recipricating, after all I am uploading for your
      > convenience so please send me a card for mine.
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