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3855Re: [ARRL-LOTW] Re: 125 Million QSO's Cant be Wrong

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  • Phil Sauvey
    Apr 2, 2007
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      I find mine is running the same, just under 25% with the majority being contests. I generally upload mine after submitting my cabrillo file to the contest robot. I normally submit via e-mail and this last time was the first time that I did not get an e-mail response back however, all of my contacts did get uploaded to LOTW.  I also feel I have an advantage if I load later at night with the east coast time difference. I normally get very quick responses, within a few minutes anyhow. 
      Phil KL8DX

      Bob Nielsen <nielsen@...> wrote:

      I suspect that many hams upload their logs at the end of the month
      resulting in Saturday and Sunday seeing a lot of uploads to LOTW. I
      don't know what the typical processing delay is--normally I would see
      my results immediately after an upload (except for contests) but now
      it seems to take longer, possibly because of increased usage.

      My QSLs are now at a 23% rate, which has been slowly increasing.
      Most of my QSOs in recent years have been in contests.

      Bob, N7XY

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