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3085RE: [ARRL-LOTW] still my earliest LoTW qso/qsl

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  • Joe Subich, W4TV
    Aug 1, 2006
      > Joe, if you haven't uploaded your old logs, then you can't complain
      > that you haven't gotten LoTW confirmations. You need to upload, then
      > you can complain. <grin>

      Of course ... unfortunately I don't even have some of those logs
      any more. They are from my pre-college days and were probably lost
      between the two moves that my parents made and the half-dozen moves
      I've made (not counting the every year move while in school).
      It's a wonder that I have any logs from those days.

      Actually, I'm surprised to have even one confirmation from 1977
      given issues of log retention and age of some of those involved!


      ... Joe, W4TV
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