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2463Re: [ARRL-LOTW] received today: OH2BU/MVI and more ...

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  • Jari Jussila
    Dec 5, 2005

      That's right BIll ...

      Uploaded a couple of days ago the following DX pedition logs:
               - XF4L            1989                       (16.000 of 48.000 QSO's, 508, matches/QSL's so far)
               - OH2BU/MVI      (1995)                      (9.000 QSO's, 280 matches/QSLs so far)
               - R1MVI          (1995)                      (9.000 QSO's, 425 matxhes/QSL's so far)
               - 4J1FS          (Malyj Vysotskij, 1992)   (74.000 QSO's, 1904 matches/QSL's so far)

      and will upload after a couple hours
               - 4J1FS          (Malyj Vysotskij, 1991)   (23.000 QSO's).

      The earlier:
               - YS1X             El Salvador                (24.000 QSO's, 2358 matches/QSL's so far)

      - The XF4L uploading includes only the U.S. prefixes starting with A, N, K and W and prefixes starting with E, F and G. Those are the only electronic files found. I have the full paper logs of all 48.000 QSO's, however.

      - The Malyj Vysotskij -files/logs (OH2BU/MVI, R1MVI and 4J1FS) had problems with the time. I remember that for some reason there was a offset of some 45 minutes (which is more than the 30 minute limit LOTW accepts) in many of the QSO's and in some QSO's a 7 hours offset because of wrong parameters when using the old Excel time parameter.

      - If you have already a paper QSL and can't find the QSO from LOTW, try using and uploading the date and time in the paper QSL. If that doesn't work out, I can check the log and upload the QSO's for you again.

      Jari, OH2BU/OH7RF

      At 17:12 5.12.2005, you wrote:
      OH2BU/MVI via LoTW
      Thanks for the 1995 qso.

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