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  • dchamguy@att.net
    Aug 23, 2014
      Your points are well taken, and appreciated.  Although I had quit reading the posts some time ago, Your remarks as to "foul and abusive" is a good comment as to the group its self, and they are to be commended for it.  If I may, I will crawl back under my rock.
      This is a good group and a lot of good ideas do pass through it.
      Dale K8TS

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      Not counting the posts regarding ways to improve the notification process, which exemplify constructive usage of this forum, there hasn't been a post on the "LoTW Maintenance Shutdown" thread since Thursday night, and that was from me explaining why email from Yahoo was being routed to the spam folders of some email clients.

      While there was repetition in that thread, it was LoTW-related, and free of abusive and foul language.


      Dave, AA6YQ (moderator)

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      Mr. Moderator;

      This discussion about the shuttting down of the system, IMHO, has gone on to long. It is now almost one week since the incident occurred. There is probably some sliver of discussion that has not been covered, but again IMHO, it's time to stop the mass of postings. Yes I have a delete key, but deleting 15-20 posts a day is a PITA.

      Dale K8TS


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