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2277Re: [ARRL-LOTW] Re: Renewal screwed up

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  • Ford Peterson
    Sep 1, 2005

      > As I have been told on many occasions RTFM <smiles>
      > 73
      > Graham M5AAV


      Apparently, you did find some reference to deleting these manually. However, the reminder has a link (https://www.arrl.org/lotw/renew) that provides the following info:

      When your renewal request is complete, you will see an additional line on your TQSLCert program screen. This will look the same as your existing certificate except that it will have a red circle/bar over the seal. This is your renewal request. When your renewal .tq6 file is returned and loaded, the red circle/bar will go away as will the original certificate, leaving only your renewed certificate.

      So I guess it depends on what version of the 'instructions' you view first. As a user getting a link provided by a reminder email, I deemed this to be a reliable set of instructions. Obviously, multiple sets of instructions need to all be updated...

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