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2270Renewal screwed up

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  • Ford Peterson
    Sep 1, 2005
      My certificates expire on 9/8/2005. I get an email today as a reminder, and a link to get it all straightened out. So I go to the instructions and read, download the new TQSLCert program, and go through the steps indicated. I get the TQ6 files back a couple hours later with the instructions that say 'try double clicking' on the file attached. It opens and does some back room magic.

      The instructions read as follows:

      When your renewal request is complete, you will see an additional line on your TQSLCert program screen. This will look the same as your existing certificate except that it will have a red circle/bar over the seal. This is your renewal request. When your renewal .tq6 file is returned and loaded, the red circle/bar will go away as will the original certificate, leaving only your renewed certificate.

      The red circle/bar goes away as indicated, but I now have the original certificate and the new certificate listed. So now I have twice as many Certs as I had before. Now what? The so-called "instructions" don't work as expected and I don't know if this is screwed up or not. As far as I can tell, the renewal worked, but I now have too many certificates listed. Should I be worried?

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