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22358Update on Logbook of the World Technical Debt

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  • K0GW
    May 13, 2014

      Update on Activities of the LoTW Study Committee


      ARRL has hired two new programmers to work on LoTW.  Finding qualified individuals required significant time and effort and several different ways of identifying candidates.  At the meeting of the Logbook Study Committee (LSC) in mid-April, it was apparent that there were three qualified candidates for the new hire.  We had also realized that some of the technical issues were soon going to require an additional programmer, and that IT Manager Mike Keane's time was less available than we had anticipated.  The Logbook Study Committee decided to request the additional hire.  Our request was approved by the Administration and Finance committee.  Both new programmers started on May 5th.

      At the July 2013 Board meeting, the Board also authorized purchase of consulting services for some specialized needs.  Very capable consulting firms were identified by two Directors, and non-disclosure agreements are being crafted so that we may request quotes for the work to be performed.

      In addition, another Board member identified an individual with extensive experience in software test, which is an area of need for some other aspects of LoTW work.  This person has been contacted, but the tasks will only be required later in the year, so detailed talks on this subject have been held for later.

      Two additional activities are being undertaken to improve communications with the user community.  The LSC has decided to use the Yahoo group ARRL-LOTW as a semi-official support forum--hence this note to the community, for example.  The internal ARRL forums require that all participants be ARRL members, which make them inappropriate to support Logbook, many users of which are not League members, especially of course many DX stations.  Also, a new Help area has been created on the Logbook site, and will be populated with a variety of help resources that explain how to accomplish common tasks, and that provide this help outside of the Logbook login, since getting that login is often a process for which Help is required.  The LSC also identified some new approaches to providing help through ARRL-LOTW, but that process will take some time to put in place, and we will announce it when we do.

      Another improvement, well known to the ARRL-LOTW group, is that TQSL 2.0.1 has been released.  This solves many of the problems users have had with certificates.  There is still some minor cleanup that will be required on certain platforms in 2.0.1.  Activity on TQSL is planned to continue.

            Greg Widin, K0GW

            Logbook Study Committee Chair

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