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20921Re: [ARRL-LOTW] New DXCC Application - LotW + Paper

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  • Ron Bean
    Nov 5, 2013
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      Thanks Geoffrey.

      Just one question. The form that is generated from the DXCC Online app is just a list of the contacts you entered,  and not an application. (it's called "Online DXCC QSLs"  on the title of the PDF).

      So I think what you are saying is to print that list,  then fill out an online application and pay the fee,  and print the application as well,  and take both to the checker,  then when those QSOS ate added to LotW you submit an application in LotW and pay another FEE to get your certificate?


      Ron - KJ5XX

      On Nov 5, 2013 12:52 PM, "Geoffrey Levey" <glevey@...> wrote:

      Hi Ron

      The way I understand it is as follows.

      For the paper QSL's you fill in all the details on DXCC online.
      You then print out the form showing all your paper cards.
      You take that form and your cards to the card checker
      The card checker checks your application form against the QSL cards.
      The card checker then submits that form to the DXCC desk.
      After you have made payment, the QSL cards get credited to your DXCC account.
      You then have to submit your LoTW confirmations.

      So Yes, there are 2 applications required


      Geoff Levey
      PC Panic cc
      ZS6GRL  (WAZS 600)
      DXCC Certificates - Mixed, Digital, Phone, CW, 20M, 15M and 10M 
      Chairman - West Rand Amateur Radio Club (ZS6WR)
      GP 0717 - Professional 4X4 Overland & Tourist Guide
      Kingdom of Swaziland Tourist Guide
      Honorary Officer North West Parks & Tourism Board
      Four Wheel Drive Guides Association

      On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 8:16 PM, Javier Henderson <javier@...> wrote:

      From the instructions I was given by the league when I asked them this question:

      "If you are looking to submit LoTW Qs and paper Qs, you must submit two separate applications.  After both applications are processed, the Qs will be combined."

      -jav k4jh

      On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 12:22 PM, <kj5xx@...> wrote:

      OK, I've looked for an answer to this question on the ARRL DXCC site, and unfortunately the instructions are a bit muddy to say the least.

      Also did a search here and didn't come up with anyhing, so here goes:

      I have 85 confirmed entities in LotW and another 30 cards that I want to get reviewed so I can apply for my Mixed DXCC.

      I've entered the 30 cards via the the DXCC Online, and am ready to have the checked with a card checker.

      I assumed that once I did this, that these 30 would then become a part of my DXCC record, and I could then to to the LotW website, and submit my application.

      However, the DXCC Online website seems to indicate that I MUST submit an application before my cards can be reviewed.

      So, I'm confused - do I submit one application (even though it's just for the 30 cards and not for my DXCC Certificate) just to get the cards approved and a second application from LotW once these 30 are applied so I can get my certificate?


      Ron - KJ5XX

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