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19053Re: [ARRL-LOTW] Re: Need Help Renewing Certificate

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  • Rick Murphy/K1MU
    Mar 2, 2013
      At 06:28 PM 3/2/2013, gatorman_71 wrote:
      >Thanks for your patience guys. This is still as clear as mud. I
      >uploaded my request to LOTW. It says "you will receive your
      >certificate after it has been created. Your certificate processing
      >request processing is completed."

      That's obviously not very clear. What it means is that LoTW has
      accepted your certificate renewal request and there's nothing that you
      have to do at this point.

      >I'm thinking that the second sentence is what confused me. I'm
      >thinking they are telling me I'm ready to load something? I guess I
      >have NOT received my new certificate yet though? How long does it
      >take? Where does it show up? Will it be in an email?

      Yes, your renewal will be processed by ARRL staff and returned to you
      as a .TQ6 file attachment to an e-mail reply. You don't have to do
      anything else at this point until you get the certificate back, which
      may take a few days.

      When you get the renewal response, just open the TQ6 attachment and it
      will install itself, as already mentioned.
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