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19048Need Help Renewing Certificate

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  • gatorman_71
    Mar 2, 2013
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      Followed the steps in the help file. Uploaded my request this morning. Instructions become vague at this point. I opened up my certificate a few minutes ago and it asked me if I wanted to load my new certificate from LOTW now? I say yes and it gives me a choice of two files. This is where the instructions stop. Do I want a PKSC#12 file or the TQSL file? How would I know?

      I took a chance and chose the PKSC file. Windows then shows me a box that says select certificate file. At this point, I'm completely lost.

      My file is on my desktop but when I tell my computer to look in my desktop, it isn't there?????????? In fact, none of the files on my desktop show up.

      I realize this is probably as clear as a bell to everyone else but I continue to find LOTW, after all these years, a pain in the ass. No wonder more ops aren't using it.

      Steve, N4JQQ
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