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16460Re: [ARRL-LOTW] Need help withTrusted QSL

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  • Rick Murphy/K1MU
    Dec 8, 2012
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      At 11:23 AM 12/8/2012, barramunda@... wrote:
      >When I click on Download Your Certificate it down loads a file called
      >certs.tq6 which I cannot do anything with.

      You open it using TQSLcert, assuming that you have the other half of
      the certificate loaded on that computer. (See my earlier message on how
      to verify that.) Of course, that means that you need to have TrustedQSL
      loaded as well.

      However, what you're doing is probably not going to help you.
      You can not use that file to recover from a system crash, reformat, or
      use it to move to another machine.
      TQ6 files are only useful once, right after you send a certificate
      request to ARRL. After that, they're of very limited value. You can not
      use a TQ6 file to load your certificate onto a new computer. There's
      almost no reason to ever download that file other than when you've just
      requested a new certificate.

      To restore, recover, reinstall, move, etc. you need a .P12 file. You
      are prompted to create that backup when you install the TQ6 file. If
      you don't have a backup, you'll need to issue a new unsigned
      certificate request and upload it to LoTW.
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