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16261LOTW - serious question.

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  • Tom Wylie
    Dec 1, 2012
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      Despite being a staunch supporter of LOTW I realise that anything to do
      with computers can be screwed up very easily.

      I now have a serious question over LOTW. I'm sure its not related to
      the recent upload problems, but its something
      (for me anyway) is much bigger that that.

      I use LOGGER32 freeware and endeavour to keep it up to date.

      I backup my log files =- from time to time (ie when I remember)

      I use the LOTW upload facility by the american lad - forget his call and
      used this setup for years to upload my
      LOGGER Log almost on a weekly basis or after a long session. I also
      used to use this facility for downoading
      QSL information from LOTW and synchronising my own log to LOTW - or so
      I thought.

      Some months ago I noticed something was wrong and I was busy at the time
      did not pursue it. This morning I got my 5M2TT QSL card
      for confirmation of RTTY QSOs and was updating LOGGER etc. Knowing what
      my DXCC RTTY Total should be including 5M2TT I did
      a check on Logger and found a discrepancy of around 30 countries. Now,
      I use LOTW as my bible and Logger merely as a logging programme.

      I printed out my DXCC Totals from LOTW and set my eye down the list,
      comparing it against Logger.

      First thing I saw was that LOTW had 3C0 Annobon confirmed in RTTY whilst
      Logger had not. Interrogating LOTW further I saw two QSOs
      with 3C0M in 2006 which were marked confirmed. I searched my Logger
      Log for 3C0M and it is NOT there. I then went to 2006 and search for
      - NO QSOS in my Logger Log. Weird. It has to be there for it to
      be uploaded to LOTW??

      My eye was drawn to the QSO Number column in Logger and to my surprise
      the numbers are all screwed up - eg:

      7th May 2006 HR2/LU1DY QSO Number 51762

      next entry in Logger is:

      11th June 2006 9M6ZRO QSO Number 55063 (question what
      happened to the QSOs between these numbers?)

      23 September 2006 OH0I QSO Number 51927

      24 September 2006 XW1A QSO Number 51928

      11 October 2006 ZL8R QSO Number 59900 (No way did I make
      8,000 QSOs between 24 September and 11 October - and yes I made more
      than 5 QSOs between
      this start and end

      there is no continuity of the log between 7th May 2006 and 23 December
      2006 when the numbers begin to be sequential again starting at 51983.

      As I said up to earlier this year as well as usiny the utility to upload
      my logs and as far as I can tell all uploads were successful, I was
      also using the same utility to download QSL confirmation data from
      LOTW and then synchronising my LOG. Result - I have lost 30
      countries in Logger32 on my RTTY score. As I am HR No 1 my CW and
      SSB scores appear at first glance to be correct at least
      the totals are correct. How does Logger issue a number to each QSO?

      Is there anybody else using this Utility for frequent uploads to
      LOTW? Have you experienced any difficulty with downloads? Does
      anybody know whether there are any issues with Logger32 which might
      explain my QSO number totals being all screwed. My log
      is in sequential date/time order so the QSO numbers should in theory be
      the same. Is there anywhere in Logger32 I can find my seemingly
      missing QSOs. Should I backup the log this weekend, and then
      download my entire log from LOTW and re-install it into Logger32 then
      do all the log setting up stuff again? I will of course be examining
      my previously backed up ADIF log files..... when I have time.

      Sorry for cross posting, but I feel its a chicken and egg kind of thing
      when something in one programme might be affecting the way another works
      or maybe not.

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