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14719Re: ways of indicating portable/remote operation in the call sign

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  • russ_wq3x
    Jun 1, 2012
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      The contact should be logged "as sent" no matter what you are using as a logging program. When I operate portable I create another LoTW certificate with that call (as sent). If you log it backwards you will be out of luck. That's why it pays to actually copy the call rather than relying on the DXcluster spot being correct.

      LoTW doesn't care about the sequence as long as there is a certificate for it. Also it doesn't care what country your logging program assigns to it.

      There was a time that I used WB2QJI and WB2QJI/3 for several years. I was used to sending the /3 from the old days when it was required. During this period I used both calls interchangeably and did not keep track of which call I was using. So I just loaded the same log under WB2QJI and WB2QJI/3 and I get matches either way. (A few zombies, yes.)

      Russ WQ3X

      --- In ARRL-LOTW@yahoogroups.com, "stenstro" <stenstro@...> wrote:
      > I use Logger32 and it accepts a portable call sign as xxx/call or
      > call/xxx. In the Logger32 help files it says that the call/zzz.
      > I can see that I have confirmed contacts in LoTW using the xxx/call
      > style. Does anyone know if the call/xxx style is recognized by LoTW?
      > Thanks, Mike Stenstrom, K6OIX.
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