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12829Re: [ARRL-LOTW] How to do it...

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  • Rick Murphy/K1MU
    Oct 2, 2011
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      At 10:54 AM 10/2/2011, Tom Horton wrote:
      >Don't ask why...obviously I screwed something up again...seems to
      >happen more often these days.
      >Is there any way to convert a .tq8 file back to an .adi file?
      >It seems that I need to rebuild a log...ugh.

      Yes, depending on what tools you have on your system and how much work
      it's worth to you.

      The .tq8 file is a GZIP compressed file (not the same as a zip file).
      You can convert it to a text file using various means.
      For example, copy it to "callsign.adif.gz" - you can now open it with
      WinZIP, which will give you a plain ADIF file. Or, you can copy it to a
      UNIX system and use 'gunzip' to uncompress it. Or, you can install a
      version of gunzip for windows - see
      <http://www.gzip.org/>http://www.gzip.org/ for pointers to programs to
      unpack it.

      Once you're done, what you get will be a file that's not exactly an
      ADIF file so it'll take some editing.

      It's probably easier to import that tq8 into LoTW, then ask LoTW for a
      real ADIF log extract. Note that TrustedQSL doesn't include all of the
      data from your ADIF export when it signs a log - callsign, mode, time,
      band, grid, etc. will be there, but that's about it.
      (Essentially, everything you can get back from the LoTW site.)
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