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10295Re: [ARRL-LOTW] Errors

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  • Rick Murphy/K1MU
    Sep 1, 2010
      At 11:03 PM 8/31/2010, Jim Miller wrote:
      >I'm using TQSL v 1.12.unofficial.737

      Hmm. Where did you get that version? Seems kind of old; if it's one of
      my early releases you may have problems.
      I'd recommend grabbing a new release from http://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/
      However, this isn't going to help fix your problem.

      > and getting the following error on Win7
      >Error: Certificate QSO date out of range on line 31

      That's saying that there's a QSO on line 31 of your ADIF file that is
      not within the valid date range of your certificate.

      Run TQSLCert. Right click on the certificate you're using and choose
      You'll see a pair of dates, "QSO Start Date" and "QSO End Date" -
      anything outside of that date range is not going to be accepted.
      Normally you set the "QSO Start Date" to be when your callsign was
      issued, and leave the "QSO End Date" blank when you request a
      certificate (this causes ARRL to set the end date to be the day before
      the certificate expires.)

      If you mistakenly set an end date on your certificate request, you'll
      need to make another certificate request with the right start and end
      dates, sign it with your current certificate, and upload to LoTW.
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