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1014RE: [ARRL-LOTW] Re: Need help with certificate

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  • Martin Fouts
    Mar 1, 2004
      The user interface is merely a symptom of the design failure of the
      underlying architecture.

      If the "security requirements" led to the arcane "security" approach, then
      the underlying failure goes back as far as understanding the actual
      requirements of the system.

      Any system can be incrementally modified into some other system. The
      question isn't "can we", the question is "should we"; and unless you're
      interests run to wallowing in the Turing tar pit, for the "security"
      architecture of LotW, the answer is a resounding no.

      Sometimes, especially when it's still early days, it's better to fix the
      mistake than to paper over it with a UI kludge
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      From: Dave Bernstein [mailto:aa6yq@...]
      Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 10:24 PM
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      Subject: [ARRL-LOTW] Re: Need help with certificate

      Sorry, I didn't mean that you should re-architect and re-implement
      the entire system. As your earlier note seemed to focus on the user
      interface, I thought you might be interested in re-implementing TQSL
      and/or TQSLCert to address their acknowledged shortcomings in this

      I am of the opinion that LotW's useability can be incrementally
      improved to the point where most users will find it "natural".
      Whether or not the current complexity -- generated by the security
      requirements, the centralized architecture, and other design
      decisions -- was justified is moot, unless one is writing a case
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