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Behnisch Architekten's Harvard Allston Science Complex

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  • Jerry Lum
    For a glimpse on this controversial extension of Harvard s campus, see: http://www.allston.harvard.edu/projects/Behnisch%20Web%20Materials_Presentation%20t
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2009
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      For a glimpse on this controversial extension of Harvard's campus, see:


      Here, sustainable design is a collaboration using an iterative process between the
      architects, landscape architects, engineers, and scientists to address infrastructure,
      architecture, landscaping, and place-making.

      Facades respond and "adapt to specific conditions: to solar orientation, landscape design,
      buildings' proximity and massing, and performance requirements. The facade grid is
      modified and varied for lighting, views from within, and thermal requirements. The
      building skin system has movable parts for ventilation and sun-shading; light shelves
      direct light deep into laboratory spaces." (Nathalie Beauvals' "the Machine as the Garden",
      Harvard Design Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008-09),


      For more on Behnisch Architekten see:

      Hope these resources inspire your work in ARCH 24!
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