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  • Jerry Lum
    Employment opportunity: full-time...see attachment. J. Greetings! This is a new workorder from Career Connection. Workorder: 12268. Posted: Wed Dec 6 2006
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      Employment opportunity: full-time...see attachment.
    • Jerry Lum
      Thanks Kerry, I ll try to significantly integrate these thoughts into my letter. Jerry ... Hi Jerry, Here are the three personal statements I included on the
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        Thanks Kerry, I'll try to significantly integrate these thoughts into my letter.

        >>> kerry_rutz@... 12/07/06 8:26 AM >>>

        Hi Jerry,

        Here are the three personal statements I included on the Berkeley/Davis application. Something similar will be included in the application to USC as well.

        Thanks again,


        1.  What is your intended major?

        My intended major is Landscape Architecture: pursuing it is a natural extension of my evolution as a creative person. It is a continuation of the path that I have followed my whole life – designing, painting, sculpting, building, and creating. At forty-seven, I have already achieved a twenty-nine- year career as a fine artist, illustrator, and digital imager. Additionally, I’ve studied and stayed current with developments and movements in the other creative fields of architecture, landscape architecture, music, theater, literature and film.
        The creative drive manifested itself in my childhood in many ways; always fascinated and inspired by the arts, I was strongly encouraged by family and t! eachers to create and grow in every area I focused on. They provided me with materials, guidance, and inspirational sources, and let me observe, experiment, fail, and succeed. I was always trying to emulate the art and sculpture I had seen in galleries or museums, and began selling my own art at the age of seventeen. I studied music and played the violin and cello from the age of nine. Growing up near Chicago, I took advantage of the many cultural advantages it offered. Spending time using Chicago’s extensive and beautiful park system and lakefront developed in me a respect for and appreciation of the created outdoor environment. Familiarity with the forest preserves and arboretums surrounding Chicago and at my grandmother’s farm in Canada developed in me a healthy love of the natural environment. At home, I worked with my parents in our garden and contributed ideas and designs for the placement of trees and beds.
        By the age of twenty-two, I had parallel careers as an illustrator, with many corporate clients; and as a fine artist, with works hanging in private and corporate collections in North America, Europe, and Japan. Eventually, I added expertise in computer graphics programs to my skills and began working in digital imaging, working closely with top designers and well-known photographers on projects for advertising and marketing purposes; being both inspired and challenged by their concepts and ideas, and inspiring them with my abilities and ideas. I collaborated in the production of high-end images for products as varied as automobiles, films and videos, tobacco and liquor, food, beauty, pharmaceuticals, and medical and insurance services; my work has been featured in magazines, books, and brochures; on video and DVD covers; and on displays, billboards, and posters.
        All this work as a creative professional has brought me to the point I am at now: I have achieved many of the goals set for myself, and am preparing for the next phase of creative development and production. My continuous interest in landscape architecture and the created environment gave me the opportunity to design two gardens in San Francisco, and both of them have been realized; I performed much of the labor in building one garden which gave me the chance to experiment, learn, and develop new skills, working with the impermanent and reformative qualities of nature. Both these projects increased my desire to complete my formal education; I am studying and developing new skills at City College of San Francisco, preparing to transfer in order to finish a four-year degree.
        My lifelong love of and respect for the created environment, combined with my own creative instincts, makes the field of landscape architecture my next natural step. Designing with natural components strongly motivates and stimulates me; stepping back and letting the environment grow and change is extremely rewarding. After many years of dreaming about doing landscape architecture and design, I am at last working toward transforming the passionate dream into reality.

        2. Tell us about a talent, experience, contribution or personal quality you will bring to the XXXX.
        As an older student I bring a wealth of life experience in applying creative solutions in a professional environment. For twenty-five years I have created illustrations for Sears Roebuck & Co.; Playboy; Gatorade; MacDonald’s; and the Starlight Foundation; and collaborated with advertising agencies to produce high-quality digital images for such clients as Honda/Acura; Kellogg’s; Mercedes Benz; Proctor and Gamble; Paramount Pictures; Toyota/Lexus; Universal/MCA and many others.
        In addition to creating professionally, I also continued to learn: my independent study of landscape architecture has added to my knowledge of environments I used and loved as a child. Places created by Olmstead, Vaux, Jensen, Kiley, and Page resonated within, causing me to ask: “Who created this? How? Why?” and the interest and passion thus generated continues to expand. Travel has allowed me the opportunity to study the dynamics of many other unique places around the world.
        My experience and knowledge have enabled me to interact personably with others both easily and professionally. While self-employed I developed valuable abilities in public speaking, business management, and client services. The skills developed in my career give me the confidence to exchange ideas and information with others; we mutually benefit from the interaction while pursuing dynamic results.

        3. Is there anything you would like us to know about you or your academic record that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere?
        Many years of observation, experience, discussion and thought have accumulated into a lifetime of learning and development. My personal philosophy seeks to conciliate the issues of spirituality, individuality, and integrity with the technological society I live in. I feel it is impossible to adequately contribute to the world without having first learned about it. I began developing the ability to do so while growing up in the dynamic melting pot of Chicago. This multicultural exposure taught me to objectively look at the differences and similarities between other nationalities and races and focus on their positive aspects.
        My own strong interest in the creative heritage of other peoples taught me long ago that although humanity is more alike than dissimilar, I could learn to appreciate the uniqueness, individuality and expression of each culture in its applied arts and bring a fresh vision back to my own. The integration and absorption of my experiences makes it possible to formulate a creative synthesis that would not otherwise happen. As I continue my formal education, I anticipate working with creative professionals to refine my learning process, to expand my sphere of knowledge, and find ways to return a meaningful contribution to the world.

        The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is. Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons (17 May, 1916)

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