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Re: [ARCH21] 2nd draft: adjetives for abstract spaces

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  • Jerry Lum
    Hi Leticia and thanks for posting your narrative to be shared by all. ... Place 1 qualities from the outside: monumental, large urban scale, dark, alienating,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2009
      Hi Leticia and thanks for posting your narrative to be shared by all.

      Please see my responses below, incorporated into your narrative:

      >>> lecasciana@... 02/27/09 9:08 PM >>>

      Place 1 qualities from the outside: monumental, large urban scale, dark, alienating, cold, ambiguous views, more chaotic than ordered, synthetic and geometric in nature; inside, it is welcoming, organic, warm, bright, ephemeral, dynamic, a large place consisting of many smaller places, Places 3, 4. 5, etc., linked by a network of pathways, horizontal and vertical; of the many smaller scaled places within, there is one particular place, Place 2, that is the most significant and its existence is not immediately apparent

      A concept is emerging: The outside and inside have two very contrasting sets of qualities. Pathways within have diverse qualities resonating with the qualities of each interior place within Place 1.

      I'm overwhelmed by its monumentality casting shadows over everything
      around it. From afar the view is distorted by the harsh reflection of
      the city buildings on its endless polished glasses. But as I approach
      it becomes more welcoming with its organic body and tepid wood
      niceties. I feel invited to come in. Crossing the threshold I am
      surprisingly embraced by warm sun light that infiltrates through the
      dome of glass. It's so bright inside that I keep my sunglasses on… I
      sense the light on my skin, and appreciate the ephemera patterns it
      lends to the floor around me … I feel the busy and noisy immensity of
      this space. But my curiosity keeps me moving. I can go on many
      directions from here. Should I explore the upstairs or follow the
      sheltered path and see where it takes me?

      Place 2 qualities: enclosing, bright (as opposed to the surrounding darkness), intimate in scale, quiet, secure. Because you did not enter, is it not welcoming and perhaps dangerous? Aside from its brightness, still ambience, and shape of space, how is Place 2 similar and/or different to Place 1?

      No, from where I'm standing
      I see another encircling area. It's as bright as the first one but,
      in its much smaller scale, it feels a little solitary.

      Outside the
      hectic city seems muted. I walk back across the now familiar domed
      structure towards the shady pathway.

      Why are the sounds of the city muted?

      Place 3 qualities: Is this the "Momma Bear" of places, "smaller than the first but larger than the second"? Unlike Goldilocks who finally settles into Baby Bear's bed, you choose Place 3, a place where inside and outside are one and there is a strong relationship between this place and a garden. Also apparent from within Place 3 are views of other beckoning pathways, one of which (the "massive and cold white stairway") wins out.

      It leads me to another round
      room, smaller than the first but larger than the second, that seems
      just perfectly sized. Although I'm still surrounded by glass, there
      is a structure above this dome that keeps it partially shaded from
      direct sunlight. I feel fresh and invigorated here. I look through
      its windows to the immense and bursting garden outside and I am taken
      by profound inner peace! I hesitate to leave, but my nosiness gets
      the best of me and I head back to the sun-lit-now-familiar main area
      and forget about inner peace. A massive and cold white stairway takes
      me to the second level.

      Place 4 and 5: Intermediate pauses along the Great Stairway that give you diverse views of below

      I do stop a couple of times as I climb the
      steps to look around, take in the view and regain my breath.

      Place 6: highest among places encountered, outside and above Place 1, but not visible from below and from outside on terra firma; horizontality dominates.

      I'm way
      higher than that of my comfort zone... this is my final destination
      and I now realize why I was attracted to this building in the first
      place... A substantial overhang protects me from the sun light - such
      a divergence from the domed area downstairs! There are no walls
      here, it's very horidegrees view of the loud city on one side, the see-through
      building underneath me, and the beautiful and invigorating garden on
      the other side. I experience this weird and wonderful feeling of
      being bigger than everybody else! I turn my back to the city and seat
      by the rough edge of the cool building breathing deep the scented air
      that comes from the unbroken garden. I hear distant water running and
      somehow the garden sounds and smells overcome the city's…

      Live another day...I'm anxious to find out what happens next, have some inconsistencies resolved, and find out more of the other places to which you alluded, but did not describe! I'm also curious to find out how you will retain monumental qualities within a relatively small area.

      See you and your new iteration soon!
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