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Re: Treatment of Submitted and Reserved in Temple Dates

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  • Mike St. Clair
    A post script to my recent posting: In Process when copied in a similar manner from nFS is properly displayed in the Family View.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2011
      A post script to my recent posting:

      "In Process" when copied in a similar manner from nFS is properly
      displayed in the Family View.

      On 10/19/2011 6:38 PM, Mike St. Clair wrote:
      > I'm not sure when this changed, but I've recently noticed a difference
      > in treatment after syncing with nFS.
      > At present, when you are doing a nFS review on a person and find that
      > an ordinance has been reserved but not completed, if you pull that
      > information into AQ it shows as Reserved, but AQ does not treat that
      > the same as it does Submitted. When Submitted is entered in a temple
      > date field, it shows as a letter for that ordinance in lower case -
      > e.g. Baptism shows as b, Endowment as e, etc. when looking at the
      > Family View.
      > Since the change (perhaps build 33) the Family View is blank where
      > those ordinances formerly were marked with the lower case letters any
      > time the field contains Reserved.
      > Formerly, those reserved ordinances were marked in the AQ file as
      > "Submitted", or perhaps AQ displayed the lower case letters when
      > Reserved was present.
      > All I know is to get an accurate display of work that is reserved but
      > not completed in the Family View, I have to globally replace Reserved
      > with Submitted. I didn't formerly have to go through that step, which
      > is somewhat of a pain when you are doing a project and get
      > interrupted, losing track of what portion of a family you have completed.
      > I might note that in the Sealed to Parents date field, if you use
      > Review to pull in the contents of that field to AQ, it puts
      > "Submitted" in and displays properly. I believe this matches the
      > behavior that formerly occurred in the Baptism and Endowment field.
      > I'd sure like to see those handled the same way once again.
      > Mike St. Clair
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