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RE: [AQ_NFS] NFS Nightmare

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  • JimLight
    Sometimes the errors have been made prior to nFS existence, usually in Ancestral File or PRF. I have used the Watch feature both successfully and not so
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 11, 2011
      Sometimes the errors have been made prior to nFS existence, usually in
      Ancestral File or PRF.

      I have used the Watch feature both successfully and not so successfully.
      When I find an ancestor on nFS where the temple work is reserved, or in
      progress, I try to remember to click on Watch so that I can be notified when
      the work is complete. However, some of those cases don't get resolved
      quickly, and I have not done a good job of setting a timer on them in some
      way that I can go back and check them when an unreasonably lengthy time has
      passed. I suspect when they have been sitting around for a long time, the
      person reserving them is no longer with us, and they are hung in limbo until
      someone (me?) jars it loose.

      I have also used Watch in just the way that was suggested, i.e., to monitor
      an ancestor who seems to be the target for unwanted combinations. So far,
      the only notifications I have received in this case have been benign, i.e.,
      I agreed with the work that was being done, so I've just had the
      satisfaction of knowing that it happened.

      I think the Watch is a good feature, and I have not been inundated with
      excessive notifications.


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      Leslie Vaughn
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      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] NFS Nightmare

      I've thought of doing that, but I have 1000s of ancestors who were either
      early LDS or there are ancestors that I have in common with LDS people so
      that the work has been done so much. I'm afraid that if I did put a watch
      on each of these, I'd probably do nothing but deal with these issues and
      wouldn't have time to do new research.

      Maybe I will try it.

      Anyone else have any experience with the "watch" feature on nfs.

      ps. It would help if we could see who has combined and uncombined records
      as we look at the records. In this way we wouldn't have to worry about the
      watch feature and being inundated with notifications. If we could tell ,on
      our schedule, who is doing this we might be able to open a dialog which is
      part of nfs mission.

      From: "Bill Buchanan" <genealogistbuchanan@...>
      Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 2:59 PM
      To: <AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] NFS Nightmare

      > Leslie,
      > One new thing that is worth trying is to register a :Watch" on certain
      > individuals at risk of being wrongly combined. That way if they get
      > combined, you are at least informed who did it.
      > Unfortunately some users seem to think that all "possible duplicates" need
      > to be combined. They need to be educated. If you sent them a copy of the
      > correct info and asked them if they would mind restoring the data in nFS
      > to
      > the correct form, they probably would not make that error again any time
      > soon.
      > Bill Buchanan
      > On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Leslie Vaughn
      > <Leslievaughn@...>wrote:
      >> It doesn't bring any chuckles to me probably because I acutely feel your
      >> pain.
      >> I can understand why someone would combine--the names were the same as
      >> were
      >> names of spouses and other relatives, although I cannot justify why they
      >> did
      >> it. Just looking at dates and places should have given them a clue.
      >> What I don't understand is how people can get combined with just a barely
      >> passing resemblance to another person.
      >> When I have checked for duplicates, I am sometimes presented choices that
      >> have no bearing on the person, other than a similar last name or
      >> birthdate.
      >> I have been presented as possible duplicates of my US born and bred
      >> relatives someone in Australia or England or New Zealand and sometimes
      >> born
      >> decades apart. I suppose if I weren't paying attention to the details, I
      >> would have gone willy-nilly and combined them.
      >> I have been working on nfs since in rolled out in Florida several years
      >> ago
      >> and I still am not brave enough to tackle my early LDS ancestry or the
      >> colonial ancestry I have whose other descendants might be LDS and thus
      >> had
      >> the work done upwards of 80 times or have been put in AF or PRF 100s of
      >> times and then were brought into nfs to be combined, confused and messed
      >> up.
      >> I have recently found someone whose name was the same as his father. He
      >> married a distant cousin whose name was the same as his mother. I have
      >> just
      >> put them into nfs with appropriate dates but I am just holding my breath
      >> that the mother and her daughter-in-law will be combined and the father
      >> and
      >> son will be combined.
      >> I don't know what the answer is but I would like to see one before this
      >> system rolls out to non-LDS in full and our system becomes a laughing
      >> stock
      >> of the genealogical community and no one trusts it.
      >> Leslie
      >> From: bob.penry
      >> Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 1:28 PM
      >> To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com
      >> Subject: [AQ_NFS] NFS Nightmare
      >> Just thought I would share my NFS nightmare with the group - perhaps it
      >> will either give you a chuckle (although sympathy would be nice). Here it
      >> is...
      >> Two brothers Abraham and John married twin sisters Anna and Hannah.
      >> Abraham and Hannah had twin daughters Elizabeth and Letitia. John and
      >> Annah
      >> had two daughters that they named Elizabeth and Letitia. All four cousins
      >> were born in a three-year period in late 1700's. John and Abraham's
      >> grandmother was also named Elizabeth. John and Abraham and all four
      >> children
      >> had multiple marriages. Now for the good part. All of them were entered
      >> so
      >> many times in the past that the ability to combine was full. Some kind
      >> souls
      >> had done combos that should never have happened. All four girls were
      >> joined
      >> as spouses to the same men. Thus each girl shows at least the same 8
      >> husbands. John and Abraham were joined to each others wives, so each of
      >> them
      >> has at least 4 wives. Then to top it off, all four girls were combined
      >> with
      >> their grandmother, and joined as children of all 8 marriage combos. So
      >> each
      >> girl shows up with over 9 sets of parents - one of which is to their
      >> great-grandparents, and because the combo limit is full, I can't combine
      >> duplicate parents. My AQ is correct, but to un-combine the mess (if
      >> possible) would probably take me months! The temple work has been done so
      >> many times, that I am just going to leave it alone.
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