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Re: [AQ_NFS] Beta Test of New FamilySearch

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  • Terry Smith
    Dear Gaylon... This particular version of nFS is for non-members and so tjwy could create a different log on to check out the features that will NOT show LDS
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 8, 2011
      Dear Gaylon...

      This particular version of nFS is for non-members and so tjwy could
      create a different log on to check out the features that will NOT show
      LDS data. There is a process to go through too. Just a little
      headsup!! ---- Terry

      On Tue, 08 Feb 2011 22:36:00 -0700, you wrote:

      >New FamilySearch is now in beta test of the February, 2011 release. It
      >is expected to be available until about February 14.
      >I have just made available a special version of AQ that will work with
      >the beta of New FamilySearch, rather than the live data on New
      >If you have the time and energy, please spend a bit of time over the
      >next few days testing AQ with the new features of New FamilySearch. It
      >is possible that New FamilySearch has introduced bugs that might affect
      >AQ. If we discover these now, we might be able to get FamilySearch to
      >fix the bugs before they release the February 2011 build.
      >(Some of you may have experienced a bug introduced in the December 2010
      >release, which causes an error 500 when looking up ordinance reservation
      >information on some individuals. Unfortunately, even though we reported
      >this to FamilySearch immediately, it has still not been fixed. But if
      >you find other bugs, we may be able to alert FamilySearch in time to fix
      >it before they release this new build.)
      >If you'd like to test AQ with the beta version of nFS, please:
      >1) Download this file: http://www.inclinesoftware.net/files/AQ-NFSBeta.zip
      >2) Unzip the contents of this file into your AQ 12.1 program folder,
      >which is normally:
      >"C:\Program Files\Incline Software\Ancestral Quest 12.1"
      >This will put a new file named, "AncquestNFSBeta.exe" into your folder.
      >It shouldn't cause any problems with your normal version of AQ.
      >3) When you want to run the test with the beta version of NFS, run this
      >file. It will act just like your normal version of AQ, but will access
      >the beta version of nFS rather than the normal New.FamilySearch.org.
      >You will know that you are running the special version, because the
      >title bar of AQ will have "[NFS Beta]" as part of the title, and when
      >you login to nFS, you will see that you are signing into
      >"ftbeta.FamilySearch.org" rather than "new.familysearch.org".
      >Any changes you make in nFS while using this special version of AQ will
      >be made to the beta database, not to the live data. So you can
      >experiment and try things that you would normally might not do, and it
      >won't affect the live data on nFS. Please test AQ's "NFS" features that
      >you normally use to see if they all work as expected. If you find any
      >problems, please let me know ASAP. ALSO, we recommend that you work on a
      >copy of your AQ or PAF database while testing, rather than on your own
      >permanent database.
      >IMPORTANT: When you prepare a test copy of your database to use in this
      >testing, go to AQ's "FamilySearch" menu and use the "Unlink" tool to
      >UNLINK ALL INDIVIDUALS. If you have used the Ordinance Reservation and
      >Tracking System, first flush all reservations from AQ's database by: 1)
      >Going into the "Reserve Ordinances/Create Batches" screen and Remove all
      >records; 2) Going into the "Manage Batches" screen and remove all batches.
      >To test with the Beta data of New FamilySearch, you need to flush all
      >your old links, because the beta data is older, and may not have some of
      >the records you have linked to. This would cause errors in AQ as it
      >tries to locate missing nFS records.
      >So during testing, start fresh with your test database and link records
      >as you go during testing. Also if you are testing the Reservation
      >system, make reservations in the beta system as you go.
      >If you are unable to login to the beta version of NFS with this special
      >version of AQ, try these two things:
      >1) Make sure you are using the new LDS Account rather than an older NFS
      >Login. The older login will no longer work in NFS once this build of NFS
      >is released.
      >2) See if you are set up to run in the beta of New FamilySearch. Go to
      >"ftbeta.familysearch.org" in your browser. If your login credentials
      >work there, they should work in AQ. If they don't work there, then you
      >won't expect AQ to be able to log you into this special beta version of
      >Thank you,
      >Gaylon Findlay
      >Incline Software
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