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Re: [AQ_NFS] Internet Search FamilySearch

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  • Bill Buchanan
    AQ Support, I clicked the Internet menu AncestralQuest Home Page LDS [http://www.ancquest.com/LDSFeats.htm] I noticed that this page is badly out of date,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 25, 2011
      AQ Support,

      I clicked the Internet menu > AncestralQuest Home Page > LDS
      I noticed that this page is badly out of date, in particular:
      Update ordinance information from Online IGI through special, efficient
      search filters [IGI is no longer used for that purpose, AQ uses the new
      Submit names to TempleReady [no longer used]
      Update ordinance information from TempleReady [no longer used]
      Export names to Ancestral File [no longer possible, although PRF accepts
      submissions to the best of my knowledge]
      Prequalifying of individuals for TempleReady submissions [no longer used]

      It would only take a few minutes to have someone update this page to give
      current information. The page makes AQ look years out of date, which we know
      is not true.
      Bill Buchanan
      website: http://billbuchanan.byethost17.com
      blog: http://billbuchanan.blogspot.com

      On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 9:53 AM, Gaylon Findlay <gfindlay@...>wrote:

      > As you know, FamilySearch is in a constant state of change.
      > Search options in FamilySearch that have long been in beta testing are
      > just being made public.
      > As of the December 15 build of AQ, there are new options for searching
      > against the newly released records of FamilySearch. I would recommend
      > that you do the following:
      > 1) Open AQ's "Internet" menu.
      > 2) Select "Search Favorite Sites".
      > 3) Experiment with using the three new searches available for
      > FamilySearch: in addition to sending the name as a search criteria, one
      > option will send birth information, another option will send death
      > information, and the third will send birth and death years.
      > 4) If you decide that you like one of these options best, then make it
      > you default search by doing these steps:
      > a) Go back to the "Internet" menu
      > b) Select "Favorite Sites"
      > c) Highlight the option you want to be the default
      > d) Click the "Make Default" button
      > e) Now that this is set to be your default Internet search, you can
      > use the Toolbar shortcut to activate it. You'll see the icon on the far
      > right of AQ's main toolbar that looks like a PC superimposed on a globe
      > -- simply click that icon to use your default search.
      > After a little more time has passed to allow FamilySearch to solidify
      > its constant changes, we will probably change AQ's "Internet" options
      > for FamilySearch to migrate from the older search to the newer search.
      > Gaylon
      > On 1/25/2011 5:37 AM, Jones wrote:
      > > Why does AQ Search the old version of Family Search when you choose
      > Internet, Search FamilySearch? I thought it was suppose to search the New
      > Family Search with all the features available there. When will AQ Update its
      > search options?
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