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RE: [AQ_NFS] Release of new Build -- bug in advanced filter??

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  • Gunilla Manell
    I think there is another bug in release 28. I have been using advanced filter to find names that needed baptism. It used to work pretty good. Now at least half
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 20, 2011
      I think there is another bug in release 28.

      I have been using advanced filter to find names that needed baptism. It used
      to work pretty good.

      Now at least half of what comes up actually already has the temple dates.
      And I ought to get only those that don't have a temple baptism date.

      This how I set up the parameters:

      Name Exists


      Birth date is less than 1890


      Birth place contains (name of one county)


      Birth place contains (name of another county)


      LDS Baptism Date does not exist.

      Why am I getting so many that already have temple baptism done?

      Like I said above, it used to work before this last update.


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      Subject: [AQ_NFS] Release of new Build


      We released, a couple of days ago, a new build (28) of AQ 12.1. Those of
      you who have recent copies of AQ will have noticed this already in the
      NewsLine window when you start AQ, but for the rest of you, let me tell
      you what is in the new build.

      But first, let me review how to download and install it:

      1) Start AQ
      2) Backup your file -- you should be doing this regularly
      3) Go to the Internet Menu, then to "Check for Latest Release"
      4) Your browser should take you to the download page -- download the
      Basic installer
      5) Close AQ
      6) Run the installer you downloaded in step 3.

      New improvements to look for in the new release include

      General Enhancements

      * Internet Searches: In the past, you could set up customized
      Internet searches using the First names and Last name of any person in
      your file. With this build, AQ also lets you now use the birth date and
      place and death date and place with customized Internet searches. This
      should provide for more refined searching.

      * Access to Hundreds of Millions of Free Records: FamilySearch has
      just released to the public hundreds of millions of indexed records,
      many of which have images. AQ now has built-in searches for these
      records to aid in your research. (To use these, go to the Internet menu,
      then to "Search Favorite Sites.")

      * Access to Holocaust Records: Yad Vashem in Jerusalem has indexed
      records on roughly half of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust
      available for public searching. AQ now has a built-in search to access
      these records. (As above, use "Search Favorite Sites.")

      * Non-English Language Selection: A dropdown selection box of
      several non-English languages has been added to the main Pedigree and
      Family Views. If you don't have any language modules installed, you will
      have an option to download several translations of AQ, so that you can
      print reports in other languages, or work in the various screens of AQ
      in non-English languages. (None of the languages are ready today -- we
      hope to have some ready within a week.)

      * Expanded Screens: Some of the more crowded screens, such as the
      Individual entry screen and the Individual Search screen were widened to
      provide more room and feel less crowded.

      Bug Fixes to nFS Features

      * FamilySearch Bug: In the December 2010 release of
      New.FamilySearch, a bug was introduced by FamilySearch which in turn
      caused AQ to crash. AQ no longer crashes after it reports the
      FamilySearch bug. (You may occasionally see an error 500 if you
      encounter this bug.)

      * Search Through Batches: Build 27 introduced a new feature that
      allowed an LDS user to search through batches of submitted ordinances to
      find a record. A bug was discovered wherein if you searched for someone
      who was not on the list, AQ would hang. Fixed.

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