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Re: [AQ_NFS] v1x Testing

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  • Terry D. Smith
    Dear Gaylon.... I have reported the T problem that I am having with both versions, and the ALT+A+O issue. Everything else seems to be working pretty much
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2009
      Dear Gaylon....

      I have reported the "T" problem that I am having with both versions,
      and the ALT+A+O issue. Everything else seems to be working pretty
      much the same as the .17 version. the "T" problem seems to be unique
      to my database but the other issue is just a nusiance.

      On Wed, 03 Jun 2009 14:40:38 -0600, Gaylon Findlay
      <gfindlay@...> wrote the following:

      >We received a notice yesterday from FamilySearch that we have "less than
      >a week" to finish rigorously testing the v1x version of the API.
      >Sometime in August, v1x will become the production version of the API.
      >Any bugs in it might affect all the users who access the NFS system
      >through AQ. (Currently, AQ and all other affiliate products are using
      >the "v1" version of the API.)
      >For those of you who don't know what the API is, it stands for
      >"Application Programming Interface". It is the bit of programming done
      >by the LDS Church's FamilySearch department which allows AQ and other
      >affiliate products to "talk" to the family tree database of
      >new.FamilySearch.org. It is not AQ code that is being tested -- it is
      >the Church's code.
      >For those of you who contacted support and downloaded the special v1x
      >version after our first message on this subject 2 weeks ago, please
      >realize that we have "less than a week" to do any additional testing
      >with this version.
      >If you haven't volunteered to help yet, and you'd like to help in this
      >testing, please contact support@... to get the link to download
      >the special version. (So far, we have only identified one problem --
      >this message isn't meant to make you think that AQ will have major
      >problems when v1x is released. As far as we can tell so far, AQ will
      >continue to run as it does now. We just want to have a few more sets of
      >eyes look at this to make sure we haven't missed anything.)
      >By the way, this won't affect just AQ. When v1x rolls into production in
      >August, it will affect all applications that work with the nFS API. So
      >most affiliates of NFS, and probably even the Family Tree product will
      >be affected.
      >So far, we have not heard of any other problems besides the glitch we
      >reported in the last e-mail on this subject, namely that the v1x can't
      >return sources. So you can probably just use the v1x version in lieu of
      >the regular version for the next few days -- just keep your eyes open
      >for anything that seems different between the regular version and the
      >special v1x version.
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