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  • miloseb@rogers.com
    Thanks a lot, Jerry!
    Message 1 of 3 , May 25, 2009
      Thanks a lot, Jerry!

      --- In AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Barrett" <jerry.barrett@...> wrote:
      > Yes.
      > Just start the process, select the folks you want to include, and choose the
      > level of detail. Works very well.
      > From the menu, Internet, Create Web Page
      > Web Page Wizard Options (From the help page)
      > Select from these various options to create an Ancestry or Descendants web
      > page with a downloadable GEDCOM file and full scrapbook capability. After your
      > web page is created, it can be viewed by using your Internet browser, and
      > uploaded to your web server, if you have your own web site.
      > Jerry Barrett
      > Taylorsville, UT
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      > Subject: [AQ_NFS] web page
      > can I create web pages in release 12.* and publish them on my web site?
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