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Re: [AQ_NFS] Duplicate work in nSF??

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    Gunilla: Thanks for the info I asked for offline. It appears that this is a result of combining of records after you had reserved the ordinances. It might be
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 9, 2009

      Thanks for the info I asked for offline.

      It appears that this is a result of combining of records after you had
      reserved the ordinances. It might be interesting for you to look into
      the "Combined Records" screen of NFS and see whether the combined
      persons are really the same.

      AQ is currently showing that the Initiatory, Endowment and Seal to
      Parents were all reserved by the temple system on March 6, 2007, some
      months before NFS began operation in the first temple districts. AQ
      shows that the seal to spouse was reserved just within the last week.
      Using AQ, you will be able to see the e-mail address of the submitter
      for this, but it appears that a new couple card has been printed to
      handle the seal to spouse.

      I'm guessing that the reason your display in AQ doesn't match your cards
      is because people were combined after your cards were printed. Here is a
      history of the combines of your person. I'm sharing this with the group
      as a means of educating every one on the group as to some of the things
      that can happen when dealing with nFS:

      Original records for 9Z8C-F8F and 9XLC-G6M were combined on September 22
      of this year, forming a new record number K1WH-C3W
      This K1WH-C3W was combined with original record 9XLC-PVZ a half hour
      later, creating a new ID of K1WH-C3R
      Then K1WH-C3R was combined with original record 9XLZ-7LB on October 23,
      creating a new ID of 2SJ2-P5B
      This 2SJ2-P5B was combined with original record 9XLZ-CX5 a couple of
      minutes later, creating a new ID of 2SJ2-P11
      This 2SJ2-P11 was combined with original record MMKL-ZP4 on November 4,
      creating a new ID of 273S-GXZ

      I'm wondering if you had reserved the Initiatory and Endowment for
      9XLZ-CX5 or one of the records that made up 2SJ2-P5B before November 4,
      and somebody else had reserved ordinances for MMKL-ZP4 through
      TempleReady in 2007. When these records were combined on November 4,
      both reservations are valid, but NFS is only showing one of these. AQ
      doesn't store a complete history of ordinance reservations, so when
      records get combined after AQ records ordinance information, that
      combination can make AQ's records look like they are incorrect.

      If you were to complete the Initiatory and Endowment for this person, by
      using your card, then NFS would show that the work is done. Since these
      show that they were reserved 2 1/2 years ago via TempleReady, there's a
      chance that the other card has been lost.

      Hopefully, I didn't lose you all in the above observations.


      Gunilla Manell wrote:
      > For your information,
      > I also submitted this same question with the name and PID of the person, and
      > they e-mailed me back and said the temple had reserved initiatory, endowment
      > and sealing to parents and another person had reserved the sealing to
      > spouse.
      > I guess I am not doing this one.
      > -Gunilla
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      > Gaylon Findlay
      > Sent: Monday, November 09, 2009 12:23 PM
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      > Subject: Re: [AQ_NFS] Duplicate work in nSF??
      > Gunilla:
      > Let me add my $.02 to this discussion.
      > If your card has the boxes ready for the other ordinances, this sounds
      > like the original reservation was for you to handle the ordinances. To
      > make sure AQ is showing the information correctly on this "Review Batch"
      > screen, highlight the card, then click on the "Edit" button. This will
      > let you review the exact current status of the ordinances. They should
      > match what you are seeing in the Review Batch screen, but since you
      > indicate that something is amiss, I'd recommend you use this second
      > display to verify.
      > Typically, the temples will only put one ordinance "In Progress" at a
      > time. For example, if you have already handled the Baptism and
      > Confirmation, but the temple has the rest, it will put the Initiatory
      > "In Progress", but leave the other ordinances as "Reserved" until the
      > Initiatory is completed. Once that ordinance is completed, then a temple
      > could move the Endowment to "In Progress". If you are seeing "In
      > Progress" for all the other ordinances, this sounds like they must be
      > reserved for you, and that AQ's display is mis-reading something. Please
      > use the "Edit" button to see a second opinion of the information.
      > Gaylon
      > Gunilla Manell wrote:
      >> I have a problem that is confusing me.
      >> One female that I reserved for temple work through AQ, (I know I checked
      > for
      >> duplicates before hand) cleared for all of the ordinances and I got a card
      >> printed out. For some reason I checked back on her after I had the card,
      >> and found baptism and confirmation dates. When I "manage" batch in AQ she
      >> now shows those dates, and then for the rest of the ordinances it says "In
      >> Process (T)". At the end of the row it says I am responsible.
      >> So this is confusing me. Did the temple already reserve it, but for a
      >> strange reason I was also able to reserve this? Do I rip up this card and
      >> hope the ordinances will be taken care of, or should I be doing those
      >> ordinances?? I will send off this question to nFS Support also.
      >> Thanks,
      >> Gunilla
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