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Re: [AQ_NFS] AQ not going to other sites

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  • Paul, Incline Support
    Fred: From what you are describing, it sounds as though Windows does not have its default web browser set correctly. When Ancestral Quest needs to go to a
    Message 1 of 2 , May 8, 2013

      From what you are describing, it sounds as though Windows does not have
      its default web browser set correctly.

      When Ancestral Quest needs to go to a website, it just tells Windows to
      'launch the browser.' So Windows starts up whichever browser is set as
      the default Internet browser.

      The one exception to this is the "Newsline" Window that opens up in AQ
      once per day (or once per week, depending on how you have set that
      preference). Because of the way that window is created, clicking on any
      link within that Newsline window will _always_ launch Internet Explorer,
      and unfortunately, there is no way to change that, at present.

      You can test your default browser by going to the Windows Start menu and
      selecting "Run". Then type in any web page address (such as AQ's home
      page: "www.ancquest.com") and press Enter. If it brings up a web page,
      then the browser that it appears within is your default browser. My
      guess is that it will not come up.

      Here is how you can go about fixing it.

      Choose either Internet Explorer (it comes with Windows) or Mozilla
      Firefox (if you have downloaded and installed it) ...or some other
      preferred browser... to be your default browser.

      Now, we need to set that browser as the default. You can do this (a)
      through the browser or (b) through Windows.

      (a) Through the browser:

      Launch your preferred browser program.

      Through the Preferences or Settings or Tools or Internet Options, tell
      that browser to become the default browser. (I don't have specifics on
      this procedure for each browser, unfortunately.) You may want to consult
      the Help system for the Browser to find out how to set it as the Default
      Internet Browser


      (b) Through Windows:

      The following links will take you to third party websites that have
      instructions for setting the default browser. You may consult them to
      find out how to tell Windows, directly, which browser to use as the default.

      Windows XP:

      Windows 7/Vista:

      Hope that helps.

      *Paul Johnson*
      Support Technician

      Incline Software
      PO Box 95543
      South Jordan, UT 84095 USA

      www.ancquest.com <http://www.ancquest.com>

      On 5/7/2013 9:21 PM, Fred wrote:
      > Have been using AQ 14 and in the past it would go to Family Search
      > when the option was picked. Also went to review individual. Now AQ
      > will only review.
      > AQ will not go to Family Tree or Family Search nor will it go to
      > Ancestry.com. Program will also not go the AQ home page in internet.
      > I have upgraded and received a new Registration Key.
      > This is a function I used a great deal.
      > Fred
      > fbrandli@... <mailto:fbrandli%40yahoo.com>

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