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New Build of AQ with Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    All: We have just released build 18 of Ancestral Quest 12.1. The easiest way to update to this build is to: 1) Run Ancestral Quest 2) Click on the Internet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2009

      We have just released build 18 of Ancestral Quest 12.1.

      The easiest way to update to this build is to:

      1) Run Ancestral Quest
      2) Click on the "Internet" menu
      3) Select "Check for Latest AQ Release" -- this will bring up the
      download page on our website
      4) Exit Ancestral Quest
      5) Download the Basic Installer
      6) Run the Basic Installer -- this will replace your current version of
      AQ 12.1 with this latest build.

      Below is a list of the changes and fixes in this build.

      For those of you who are LDS, this is possibly the most significant set
      of new features ever presented in Ancestral Quest. It will allow you to:

      * Sign in as a Helper for another user. For those of you who are staff
      members at Family History Centers, you can now how patrons bring in
      their PAF databases and help them determine which of their records need
      to have ordinance work done, and then help them reserve the ordinances
      and create the FORs.

      * Regardless of whether you are helping, you can scan your AQ or PAF
      file for ordinances, then use the Temple Mode to quickly determine
      whether the ordinances are already done, because AQ will directly access
      the temple records. If ordinances are not complete, you can reserve
      them, create FORs, and then track the progress of the ordinances,
      updating your local records quickly and easily.

      * If you have reserved ordinances and then decided that you want to
      unreserve them, these new features let you unreserve ordinances. We know
      that FamilySearch is working on something similar that has been
      announced for August, but you can do this today with AQ.

      * Once ordinance cards are printed, you can assign them to others, such
      as relatives or ward members. AQ has an inventory system to track where
      you have sent the cards.

      Gaylon Findlay
      Incline Software

      Changes in Build 18 (7/23/2009)

      *General Enhancements*

      * *Advanced Filtering:* The default method of combining the
      Relationship Filter and the Field Filter has been to OR the two
      lists. The default was changed to AND the two lists, but also the
      combining method is now remembered, so if you last used OR or AND,
      AQ will remember that choice for next time.
      * *Pedigree View:* Clicking on the Notes icon (the triangle in the
      upper right corner of the name box for an individual) will open
      the Notes screen for the individual.

      *Enhancements to nFS Features*

      * *Update User Profile:* You can now edit your user profile
      * *Sign in to Help Someone Else:* Helper mode was added
      * *Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System:* This feature is only
      available for LDS users. If you are able to sign into New
      FamilySearch, and you are LDS, you can now reserve temple
      ordinances and track them, updating your local records as
      ordinances are completed.
      * *Matching:* When linking local records with nFS records, you can
      view the details of parents, spouses, siblings and children.

      *General Bug Fixes*

      * *Startup:* If you started AQ without a file, it would crash. Fixed.

      *Bug Fixes to nFS Features*

      * *Timeout:* Occasionally, when your connection with nFS timed out,
      AQ would not be able to log you back in. Fixed.
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