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Artificial Intelligence

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    I want to compliment Gaylon for his approach to artificial intelligence in the second paragraph. I have reviewed several genealogical programs and have been
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 14, 2009
      I want to compliment Gaylon for his approach to artificial intelligence in
      the second paragraph. I have reviewed several genealogical programs and
      have been appalled by the way some of them do what they think I want -
      giving me no chance to interfere. These programs know what is best for me
      and they do it. One of the strengths of AQ, in my opinion, is that we are
      allowed to make decisions ourselves. The flexibility this provides is
      important to me.



      But what if you first choose to Replace Local Event, so the little green
      arrow indicates that your local event will be replaced. Then you change
      your mind and want to leave your local data as it is. In this case you
      need a way to tell AQ to NOT replace the local event. So the option is
      there to set the item back to "No Action". If you were only working with
      one event, you could "Cancel" out of the sync screen, but if you have
      already decided to sync several other pieces of data, you don't want to
      cancel the entire screen just to reset this one value. You really do
      need the ability to set a selection back to "No Action."

      Again this screen doesn't presume to have AI (Artificial Intelligence)
      by showing you the next likely action to take, it shows you the current
      setting, and lets you change the setting. (As you pointed out, it does
      use some AI when there is only one option.)

      I tend to agree with the general premise that most of the time you would
      want the checkbox to simply toggle between the states of "Replace Local"
      and "No Action" without bringing up the box. But for those few times
      when you might want to do something else, the options have to be
      presented, and then there's even a stickier issue. What if you have
      recorded 3 birth events in your PAF or AQ file? And you now want to
      "Replace". Which of the 3 do you replace? The current screen provides a
      list box of all the local birth events so you can choose one. Granted,
      99.9% of the time, there is only one birth event, so this feels like too
      many choices most of the time.

      Right now we're focusing on getting the Ordinance Reservation and
      Tracking System out the door. Once this is completed, we may revisit
      this issue and find a way to make it simpler most of the time, without
      losing the ability to handle even the tough issues.


      Scott Scheibe wrote:
      > At 12:30 PM 7/13/2009, Gaylon Findlay wrote:
      > When I click on the box I almost always want to add it to my events
      > or replace my event in the case it says deceased and NFS has a date
      > or a place. If the field is blank then it defaults to Add To Local
      > Event, but if the field has data in it then the default is No
      > Action. If I wanted No Action I wouldn't have clicked on it in the
      > first place.. Occasionally I do want to add something as an
      > additional event, but 99% of the time I want to Replace Local
      > Event which should be the default action instead of No Action. I
      > really don't see a need for a No Action select to be there at all in
      > the first place, you already have the OK and Cancel buttons. If
      > change your mind and don't want to do something then select Cancel.
      >> Scott:
      >> The "No Action" is not the default. It is the current selection. Since
      >> AQ gives you 4 options, it has to ask you which option to take. By
      >> default, you are just browsing. The other options are to move the nFS
      >> data into your notes, into an additional event, or to replace your main
      >> event with the nFS data.
      >> AQ could be simpler by becoming more simplistic. If we take away the
      >> other options, we can make it more simple. So a single click could
      >> either select or deselect an nFS item -- which would mean that you
      >> either replace your local data or you don't. But you wouldn't be able to
      >> choose to add the nFS data into notes, or to add it as an additional
      >> I think you are asking for a preference setting that would limit your
      >> options, and thereby cut down on the amount of information AQ has to ask
      >> you for.
      >> Another thought just occurred to me. Maybe the act of clicking on an
      >> item would toggle between the two most likely states of "No Action" and
      >> "Replace". But a Ctrl+Click would bring up the current screen which lets
      >> you choose between 4 options. The problem with this is, that it wouldn't
      >> be intuitive -- you'd only learn about it if you read the help file
      >> thoroughly before you start using the program. And nobody does that.
      >> Gaylon
      >> Scott Scheibe wrote:
      >>> At 03:09 PM 7/12/2009, Gunilla Manell wrote:
      >>> That and access notes as well the first time is highly needed. There
      >>> is too many steps every where and the review screen ctrl E should
      >>> work there just like it does when you have a person selected from the
      >>> family view or pedigree view. Also it would be nice when you click
      >>> on some data the default would be to add it, not "no action".. You
      >>> have to click two or three things to get about anything done, it is
      >>> very time wasting and annoying.
      >>>> A friend is using Roots Magic 4, and on the sync screen there,
      >> you can match
      >>>> up all temple dates, including sealed to parents and sealed to spouse,
      >>>> on the same screen.
      >>>> As far as I know, in AQ I first have to link/ sync the person up, and
      >>>> go back again to "review with family search", before I can choose
      >>>> and siblings" or "spouses and children". Is there any way that AQ can
      >>>> improved to that could be done in one step instead of two or three
      >>>> Or at least have those buttons available on the first screen, so
      >> you can go
      >>>> do that before you click on save.
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