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Re: [AQ_NFS] Re: Not needed does not show.

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  • Jim Pitt 48
    Hi Linda Thanks for the explanation. From one who has been away from their tree for a few years, and finds all of the situations listed below having ocurred
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      Hi Linda

      Thanks for the explanation. From one who has been away from their tree for a few years, and finds all of the situations listed below having ocurred whilst they were away, your analysis will be of great help.

      Now that I am back in the fold I am amazed just how much technology has moved on. I think all concerned deserve a vote of thanks for making our pursuit of our ancestors so much easier. To think it was only a generation ago (25 yrs?) that all this was in its infancy is amazing. Anyone fancy predicting where it will be a generation form now?

      Jim Pitt
      Wiltshire, England, UK

      PITT, HARRISON, CLAY, CLINTON, WALLINGTON, FLELLO, EDWARDS, SCOTT, BODENHAM, GARRETT all Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire
      HICKMAN in London, Staffordshire
      GOUGH, KELLY in Co Mayo, Ireland

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      From: Linda Smith
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      Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 2:27 AM
      Subject: [AQ_NFS] Re: Not needed does not show.

      Obviously, there are things not working properly in Family Tree, yet! I have
      been working with it extensively for almost a year. It is a much better site
      than nFS. Here are some of the work-arounds I have found to help get through
      the changes:

      Things that show improperly
      Often if you make a change in the summary, even if the correct things are
      already showing, it forces the system to make changes, then you can change
      them back and things then show properly. "Not needed" is one of those. The
      summary needs to show a death date less than 8 years after birth. If it
      already shows, change it to something else and then change it back. That
      usually unsticks the program and the "Not needed" shows.

      Combining/Separating vs Merging/Unmerging
      You cannot combine or separate in nFS, except when you use a 3rd party
      program. Merge and Unmerge are a far superior way of putting together
      duplicates and allows anyone to unmerge and make corrections without losing
      data. However, those records combined in nFS cannot be unmerged in FT.
      Occasionally I find that the merge is not working correctly and I have
      impatiently used AQ, only later to find that it did work in FT, but it was
      slow to show or said it did not when it really did. (A problem that seems to
      be getting better.) The real frustration is separating combined records and
      for this I use the Ancestral Split in Family Insight. It works well and
      reads AQ files. The less we combine in nFS the fewer records will have
      problems in FT.

      I still use AQ for adding information and updating the summary, but always
      check the results in FT. Most of the time everything gets into FT the way I
      want and I don't need to make a lot a changes. I really don't care what
      shows in nFS, as it is going away.

      I have learned that I need to be patient when something doesn't work in FT.
      Often an hour later everything will have updated and look just fine or will
      start working. I just work on something else. The engineers are working
      tirelessly to fix things and sometimes when they are making changes, it
      slows the whole system down. Kinda of like being on a freeway under
      construction during rush hour.

      Hope this helps someone.

      LindaSmith ID

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