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New Build (4) of AQ 14 is Available

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    All: We just released a new build of AQ 14. **Reminder to those using AQ 12.1, who have not upgraded to AQ 14.** You can, and should, download and use this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2012

      We just released a new build of AQ 14.

      **Reminder to those using AQ 12.1, who have not upgraded to AQ 14.** You can, and should, download and use this newest build of AQ 14. All of the features that you have been using in AQ 12.1 will still work for you, however you will not be able to use the newest features of AQ 14 unless you decide to upgrade. Even if you do not upgrade, you should keep up with the latest builds of AQ 14, as they contain minor enhancements and fixes that you will want.

      Below is a list of the enhanced and fixed issues in this new build. Items that are useful not only to users who have upgraded their key to AQ 14, but also to users with a key for AQ 12.1, are marked here with an *.



      General Enhancements

      Color Coding: Color coding is now on the Name List view and Custom Reports.
      Color Coding: Depending on how your database was sorted, the setting of standard color coding might be quick or quite slow. This should always be quick now, unless you are sorting on color coding in the Name List view.
      Tags: Tags are now on the Name List view and Custom Reports.
      Tags: Tags are now numbered to make it easier to refer to them.
      *Dual Dates: In AQ 12.1 build 34, we enhanced the handling of dual dates so that 1775/1776 was shown as 1775/6. Many users asked if we could undo that change. A new preference was added to the Formats tab of Preferences to allow you to choose whether to show the shortened or lengthened version of such a date.
      *Database Conversion: When a file was converted using the 'File|DB Converter' option, the old file was not closed, which caused confusion for some users. It now closes so that only the newly converted file is still open.
      *PAF Database Limitations: Our literature described which features were not available for a PAF DB, and the menu items were dimmed, but many users with a PAF DB were confused. Menu items are no longer dimmed, but a message about the limitation now shows when the option is selected.

      General Bug Fixes

      *Reports in AQ 14 for Users of AQ 12.1: The list reports that were blocked in AQ Basics, but were part of AQ 12.1, were supposed to still be available to those with a key for 12.1 while using AQ 14. This was broken. Fixed.
      *General Bug: We found a situation that could cause AQ to quit working seemingly at random. That bug was fixed.
      *Marriage Screen: For users who had turned off the LDS data, the Relationship (Marriage) screen was supposed to get smaller because there was less data to show, but instead it became larger. Fixed.

      Bug Fixes to nFS Features

      *Linking Parents: If, on the Family Sync w/ FamilySearch screen, you tried to link a parent in FS with a person who was in the local file, but not linked as a parent in the local file, AQ would hang. Fixed.
      *LDS Sealings: If LDS Data was enabled, the new option to allow you to download LDS sealings from the Individual Review w/ FamilySearch screen was only supposed to let you download ordinances when there was a spouse or set of parents in your local DataBase. The screen was sometimes available when it shouldn't be, causing confusion. Fixed.

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