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Version 14 of AQ has been released

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  • Gaylon Findlay
    We have just released version 14 of Ancestral Quest. You can go to this page to learn about it: http://www.ancquest.com/AQ14Features.htm Let me share that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2012
      We have just released version 14 of Ancestral Quest.

      You can go to this page to learn about it:


      Let me share that the Timeline feature has been literally over a dozen years in the making. One of our most experienced users asked for this many years ago, and described its value in doing genealogy research. I mocked up a sheet back then of what it should look like, but there were some snags in the design that caused us to put it off. Two of the things we struggled with were:

      1) how to present a lot of valuable information without making the report so cluttered that the information would be hard to find. We decided on allowing you to specify different fonts and colors for different types of information, so you could visually sift through the data more easily.

      2) how to provide historical events that were truly only pertinent to the lives of the people you are researching. We finally solved this by adding 'proximity' information to historical events. Any historical event not only records the time, but also the areas affected. As a result, a historical event will only show up if it might have influenced the life of the ancestor you are working on. For example, the Irish Potato famine of the mid-1800s will only show on the timeline of people who lived in Ireland during that time, whereas the Mexican-American war, which happened about the same time, will show up for people living in the US or Mexico, but not for the Irish -- unless the Irishman moved to the U.S. in time to possibly also be involved with that war.

      The timeline contains a fairly comprehensive list of Censuses, so it will help point out to you when a census might provide additional information on your ancestral families.

      We invite users to look through the list of historical events, and send us suggestions for other historical events or genealogical events such as censuses that we might have missed, so that AQ's supplemental historical information can become more complete over time.

      Also, note that the Color Coding and Tags features are available only for an Ancestral Quest file. The PAF file type does not support these new features.

      Along with several features developed for the general public, there are a few enhancements for users of FamilySearch:

      * You can now participate in discussions on the Family Tree using AQ 14. (Requires a new key)
      * You can set Summary Values on new.FamilySearch. These Summary Values become the only value on the Family Tree. (Requires a new key)
      * You can now automatically have AQ scan all records in your file for missing ordinances. If the individuals are linked with Family Tree and the ordinances are done, AQ will automatically update the ordinance information in your file with the temple data. (Requires a new key)
      * Improved the method of selecting matches between Family Tree and your file (Does not require a key)
      * Improved the method of selecting items to exchange between Family Tree and your file (Does not require a key)
      * Added the ability to download sealing ordinances from FamilySearch to your file from the Review Individual with FamilySearch screen (Does not require a key).

      Please notice the distinction in the lines above between "Requires a new key" and "Does not require a key". Even if you do not plan to upgrade your key from version 12.1 to version 14, you can still download and use AQ 14. All of the features that worked for you in version 12.1 will continue to work. The items above with "Does not require a key" behind them will work for all users, even if they do not have a version 14 key. The features listed with "Requires a new key" will only work if you have an upgraded key.

      We had hoped to have the manual ready before releasing AQ 14, but finally decided to let you start using AQ 14 now. We hope to finish the manual by next week, which will allow you to order a download copy for delivery by about the end of next week, and the printed manual should be available roughly a week later.

      Just one more thought, as many of you will be upgrading. We have always felt that AQ was worth more than we have charged for it, but due to the price competition in this area, we have sold it for a fraction of its value. If you feel that AQ has provided more value than the price indicates, there is a box at the bottom of the order page for donations :-)

      We hope you enjoy the new features!


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