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992Re: [AQ_NFS] Advanced Focus

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  • Cleadie B
    Jun 8, 2012
      Hello Margaret,

      Thanks for responding. I was accually trying to use Advance Search to isolate all the individuals with that source, so that I could check them. The way you suggested is far better. Although I had edited source names before, I ignored the other buttons.

      What you suggested gives me all the data without opening each one individually. The only item I am not clear on, is the Link* which are indexed as either B or E. I can't see anything in the help file to explain this.

      Thanks again. Cleadie B

      PS - Still haven't figured out why Advanced  Search only picked up 6 entries of the hundreds that in in my data base, :-(

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      I hope I am understanding what you are try to do. If this isn't right just

      ignore it.

      When I want to see what citations there are for a source I would choose the

      source "New Brunswick Marriage Certificates" from the source list under

      Edit. Then I would click on the Citations button at the bottom of the

      window. Then you can see all the entries where this source is cited. In the

      box on the right hand side of the window you can see if there is anything

      attached to the citation and the name of the entry.

      (This is one of the greatest features of AQ) I really like the way it

      handles sources and citations.

      Hope this helps.


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      From: Cleadie B

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      To: AQ_NFS@yahoogroups.com

      Subject: [AQ_NFS] Advanced Focus

      When I first entered data about marriage certificates, all I had found was

      info from an index. Since then the actual image of the certificates have

      come online. I downloaded a number of these images over the past few weeks,

      and added a few that never had the original index text.

      I made a list of those that did not have the text as I went along, so I

      could get the text later. I am afraid I may have forgotten to list a few.

      Now I would now like to check to make sure there are no certificates

      attached to that source that DO NOT contain the text (index listing which

      contains data about where it is files, etc.).

      Using the Advanced Focus I can only identify 6 entries with the title "New

      Brunswick Marriage Certificates" I know there are 298 with the attachments,

      and perhaps as many, if not more that do not have anything but the index.

      Searching on "Name" brings up no entries, "Title" brought up only 6

      entries.( This is just trying to get a total list of that one source,

      without trying to separate those with defined criteria.)

      WHY are the rest not being identified? Is there some other identifier I

      should be using?

      Cleadie B

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