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99Re: [AQ_NFS] Where to put confirmation and initiatory dates

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  • Terry D. Smith
    Jul 7, 2009
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      Dear Gunilla...

      They usually go to Events. Check your preferences to see if you are
      allowing them on the Individual tab, or not.

      On Tue, 7 Jul 2009 15:57:37 -0600, "Gunilla Manell"
      <gmanell@...> wrote the following:

      >AQ has space for Baptism, Endowment and Seal to Parents dates. If I want to
      >import confirmation and initiatory dates, where do they go? I tried to
      >import those dates for one person that I synced today, but I can't find that
      >data anywhere.
      >Is there a setting someplace that I need to change to allow for this
      >information to show with the other LDS ordinance information?
      >Or does that need to be included in the next AQ update?
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