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  • Cleadie B
    May 1, 2012
      Thanks for the reply. I have been trying to get the proofs on my pedigree line families, so hopefully things will not be too mixed up when things get moved. Still have a few bugs to work out. :-)

      I have been registered with the FT site for some months, but have yet to see a link to it from my nFS page that I recognize. Maybe I am just not seeing it.

      Cleadie B

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      nFS will "soon" be replaced by FamilySearch Family Tree. It will have a wiki-like model in that (1) anyone can make changes; (2) persons who make changes can record why and provide a source record for those changes; (3) a record is kept of changes made and who made those changes; (4) a roll-back to a previous value can be made.

      What you are seeing is the system establishing a base-line for the roll-out of Family Tree for the summary values. If you think it is wrong, you should set a value for the summary. Then your value will be the basis for what will show in Family Tree.

      Actually all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can get access to Family Tree now. Send a request to support@... and you will be given a link to get permanent access. After that, Family Tree will then appear as a tab in the header if you have signed in.

      Merlin Kitchen


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