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975Re: [AQ_NFS] newFamilySearch to Family Tree

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  • Stewart Millar
    Apr 27, 2012

      In case you have . . . do not confuse the "Family Tree" view in nFS with
      the replacement product for nFS called "FamilySearch Family Tree" (FS FT).

      FS FT is currently in beta test and beta testers (with an LDS account) can
      be enrolled at


      *once enrolled, access to FS FT becomes a menu option on
      familysearch.orgafter log-in with your lds account (
      familysearch.org will be used as a gateway to all familysearch services).

      There is an accompanying pdf user guide by following the Help option in

      * FS FT uses the live data in nFS. FS FT and cannot yet add in new
      individuals or delete individuals, relationships or marriages - but can do
      most everything else.

      * FS FT gets rid of all the duplicates - using the "Summary" data from nFS
      - all AF and PRF data has been returned to a new database of contributed
      family trees searchable in familysearch.org.

      * The ownership criteria for deleting or changing data has been removed -
      replaced by a modification history and roll-back feature for any changes

      * Sources can now be specified with acceptable citations - albeit that the
      old "PAF" methodology of combing a "source" with a "citation" has been
      rolled together into a single source/citation description/id. Digital
      source documents can now be attached (FS have indicated they are likely to
      provide a hosting service for these - I have found the public folder option
      in Dropbox to be an excellent and satisfactory way of doing this) -
      provision is also there for describing your justification for using the
      source and conclusions to be drawn - sources are applied to the individual
      (at the moment) FS have indicated this may move to the event level; having
      used it and as long as the use of the source is explained in the
      justification, I can live with this and see it as a "tidying" feature.

      * At the recent RootsTech conference in February Ron Tanner made an
      entertaining and informative presentation about FS FT and the faults in nFS
      - and stated that FS FT would replace nFS by the end of this year . . . and
      be opened for the general public. Interestingly, while video recordings of
      all the other presentations at Rootstech have been made available on the
      internet, this one has not . . . my personal conspiracy theory is one of
      censorship for being so frank and outspoken.

      Clearly FS FT is going to present AQ (and others) with new interface
      challenges . . . the work the AQ team are going to have to put into this is
      going to be quite significant.


      On 27 April 2012 08:01, Richard Rands <rrands@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hi Galyon.
      > Can you shed some light on Tom's comment that
      > FamilySearch is migrating from nFS to Family
      > Tree? It appears to me that Family Tree is just
      > another view within nFS, and that by itself does
      > not include provision for the genealogical and
      > ordinance details about individuals, nor does it
      > provide for family group views.
      > Richard
      > At 03:19 PM 4/26/2012, you wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >Tom:
      > >
      > >As FamilySearch provides the tools to affiliates
      > >for working with the the Family Tree, we expect
      > >Ancestral Quest to implement adjustments in a timely manner.
      > >
      > >We are nearing completion of AQ version 14. This
      > >new version will have a few new general
      > >features, but it will also have some new
      > >features dealing with FamilySearch. One of these
      > >is designed specifically to help with preparing
      > >your ancestors for migration from nFS to the
      > >Family Tree. As we get closer, I'll provide more details :-)
      > >
      > >Gaylon
      > >
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      > >Subject: [AQ_NFS] newFamilySearch to Family Tree
      > >
      > >The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints
      > >is migrating from newFamilySearch to FamilyTree
      > >and at some point in time newFamilySearch will
      > >be replaced by FamilyTree. Is AQ in the process
      > >of making changes to accommodate this migration
      > >and if so will the group be able to help in the
      > >Beta Testing and what might be that time frame?
      > >
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