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954Comments about upcoming API for syncing with Family Tree

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  • Allan H
    Feb 11, 2012
      Since Ron Tanner announced that Family Tree is going to come sometime this year I would expect that an API has been or is being produced. Therefore the question is about sourcing and especially about the URL of that source. The AQ source template as presently constituted does not have convenient place to put the URL so it will be properly placed in the source template for Family Tree. It takes time to search and annotate sources and I do have several of my ancestors down lines that are not yet annotated and sourced in either AQ or FT. I am getting old and running out of time.

      Family Tree is in beta and being developed in front of us. (Hint hint wink wink If you ask support@... you can get put on the list to test it.) I am one of the testers and the engineers do look at the feedback and comment publicly about that feedback. That is a great system of communications.

      I would prefer to enter sources only once. I suppose I could just upload a GEDCOM but the API for GEDCOMs also needs to be updated. I imagine that there will be a way to upload the images I have accumulated for sources too. Right now I enter most of the information in AQ, source it with the URL in the comments, and then sync to NFS. Because FT has not put forth their method of bringing forward the sources except to say that the next to useless temple sources and other like sources will not be brought forward, so I go into FT and reenter the sources using the very good template that FT is currently using.

      Roots Tech revealed a lot but opened up questions too. The big thing is Ron Tanners announcement that Family Tree is intended to be THE one tree for all God's children. IF that is so then AQ will have to interface with it. This forum is a good place for us, the users, to discuss and possibly affect that interface with Gaylon. Maybe Gaylon can enlighten us as to possible plans etc.