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92Re: [AQ_NFS] blank mrin

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  • Scott Scheibe
    Jun 29, 2009
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      At 05:43 AM 6/29/2009, Leslie Vaughn wrote:

      >I knew that even if you delete all the people in a family the
      >marriage remains and you have to actually delete the marriage. But
      >your message reminded me to check my database for marriages with no people.

      The problem was that NFS created two marriages when
      downloading the family. This may have been caused because AQ had
      crashed, I don't remember for sure. The farther back I've gone the
      more problems I've had. I think AQ may have a memory leak when
      dealing with NFS. It seems to run slower and then will crash.

      >If you uploaded your whole gedcom file, it is probably there but
      >someone may have combined your information with others. Or if you
      >submitted it to the Pedigree Resource File, it may not be there as
      >not all the PRF has been sent over to nFS. It is not recommended
      >that a complete file be uploaded to nFS. So even if your submission
      >is missing, if that person is there just sync your information to it
      >to add to or edit information already on the system

      I think I uploaded it to the Pedigree Resource File around
      2002 when I completed entering the book. I have been sysncing the
      people forward of our common ancestor up to the living people so they
      will be there for other people. In most cases I have more
      information than the few that I have been able to match. I've found
      if it can't come up with a match higher than 3 it is a waste of time
      to look though them. If NFS can't find a person at 4 or 5 confidence
      when there is a spouse and parents then they aren't there. It's been
      hit and miss, I might find a couple but only one of their children in
      NFS. Some times it has filled in dates and places which were mostly
      lacking in the book. I can do from the late 1700-1910 but after that
      most of them are probably still living and since NFS is primarily
      geared to temple work it isn't much help for those looking for more
      recent descendents.

      Scott Scheibe

      Descendants of Capt. Henry WOODWARD
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